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To The Girl Who Feels Tired, Please Hold On Just A Little Longer

To The Girl Who Feels Tired, Please Hold On Just A Little Longer

Hey Stranger,

I know you think we’re nothing more than this, two strangers who have nothing in common whatsoever, but I’m afraid you couldn’t be more wrong.

I know more about your life and the way you feel than you could imagine.

I know your alarm wakes you up every morning and you snooze it and roll onto the other side of your bed because you’re not ready to get up just yet.

I know that your bed feels so much better than going out in the world. I know how tired you’re feeling even before you get up out of your bed.

I know because I’ve been there.

I know you’d love to have fun but it takes so much energy from you. I know you’d love to make other people laugh and I know you’d love to laugh from the bottom of your soul until your stomach aches but you haven’t done this in a while.

You haven’t done it because you forgot how.

I know because I’ve been there.

I know you don’t see the point in living anymore because you can’t find one thing you love about your life. Everything seems so disposable and so irrelevant.

Everything seems so far away from your reach. All you want seems so distant and as if it was never meant to be yours.

I know because I’ve been there.

I know you want to pause the world and make it quiet for a while. And I know you want to make everything just still for a second so you can catch your breath.

I know you want to pause the world to take some rest and to be able to catch up with it. I know you’re feeling stuck and you have no idea how to move forward.

I know because I’ve been there.

I know your head is a mess. I know that you feel like you’re not enough. I know you’re tired of trying but not getting any credit for it.

I know you’re tired of getting put down, tired of mean people, tired of backstabbers too. I know you’re tired of crying and tired of your own insecurities and tired of being tired as well.

I know you’re tired and I know how tired looks because I’ve been there too.

But do you know what the best thing is about feeling the way you feel? Your life is a paradox and you’re not even aware of it.

See, you wake up every morning having no idea how you’re going to make it and yet you manage to make through the day over and over again.

I know you don’t see it now but I swear you’re way stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your bravery deserves a medal.

You probably don’t think you did anything extraordinary but that’s where you’re wrong the most.

You get up every morning and you try. You try even when you’re tired.

And despite the fact that you’re emotionally and physically drained, you still haven’t given up.

You’re a true fighter, you know? You’re not a fighter in the normal sense of the word, you’re even a bigger fighter than that.

You’re a fighter because you fight yourself every day. You’re a true fighter because the worst battles are those we fight within ourselves.

And you have fought and won so many of those.

You might feel like you’re on the edge now but you don’t have to fall. You don’t have to let your life slip through your fingers.

You still have a choice. Happiness is not a feeling, it’s a choice and you can choose to feel happy.

Life played a little game with you. It did the same thing to me as well. It said: You’re gonna be happy but I have to make you strong first.

And I know you’ve been through hell. But you know what the silver lining is here? You’ve been knocked down to the very bottom.

And the only way you can go from the bottom is up. Now is your time.

It’s time to admit to yourself that you deserve more. It’s time to admit to yourself that you’re good enough.

It’s time to embrace life and to actually get up in the morning promising that you’ll try to love everything that day has to offer you.

It’s time to stop feeling like it’s all your fault and to stop convincing yourself how you’re not good enough.

You’re the master of your own fate. You’re the one in charge. You’re the captain of your life.

You’re the sky and everything else is the weather. You’re the only constant in your life and everything else is pretty much changeable.

Whatever you’re feeling now will fade away. And one day you’ll look back on your life and laugh about how you allowed yourself to be affected by so many irrelevant things.

One day you’ll be in such a good place that you won’t understand this you that you are now.

Just hold on just a little longer please because I promise you there are better days ahead of you. You probably wonder how I know?

Well, I know because I’ve been in your shoes. And I know there is more to life than you’ve got right now. 

Take all the time you need to fill your batteries. Pause your life for as long as you want.

But please never lose hope. There is something greater coming your way.

Life is just testing you to see if you’re truly ready for it. Show everyone what you’re made of.