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To The Man Who Valued His Ego More Than Our Love

To The Man Who Valued His Ego More Than Our Love

They say that love conquers all.

I’ve heard various stories of love beating all odds. I’ve heard stories of long-distance love relationships, love that was forbidden and love that was eternal. They all seem to have a victorious ending.

But not ours.

I guess our love was not meant to be like that.

I loved you. My love grew each day. My heart was never tired of beating for you. My love was passionate and, most importantly, patient.And I know you loved me too.

I know you did. But you never said it out loud. You never said how happy you were to have me.

You never showed how easy it was to be able to have that special person you would share all your hardships with.

Whenever I tried opening up to you and telling you how sad I felt about something, you would start talking about yourself and make it all about you.

Everything was always about you.

I never got the chance to feel joy about the good things in my life.I never got the chance to share my best moments with you.

Every single time something good happened to me, you would make it turn into nothing significant compared to the things that would happen to you on a daily basis.

I am tired of your forced smiles and acting out like you had no flaws.

You were Mr. Perfect and I was supposed to feel privileged to have you by my side.

Well, the truth is I never had you by my side at all. The only thing you were interested in was yourself. You were never interested in anything I did or anything I said.

Any word of encouragement or any advice I would give you was just carelessly dismissed. It hurt me a lot knowing you did not appreciate the effort I made.

When we would go out and hang out with our friends, I could not get the chance to speak my mind.

You were the one talking on my behalf. You were the one interrupting me in the middle of each sentence. I felt like I had lost my identity. I felt like my opinion did not matter to you.

I was tired of you criticizing me and never being satisfied with me. You pointed out my flaws and judged me for making mistakes. You were never supportive or considerate.

I made too many excuses for you because I refused to believe your ego was more important to you than what we had.

I thought you were just being a typical man, a man with a certain kind of cold attitude, a man who did not want to show his vulnerability.I wanted to believe it was just a temporary phase in your life.

I wanted to believe that my love would change you.God, how stupid I was!I should have known it was not just a phase. It was who you truly were. And people like you never change.

Eventually, I got tired of everything. I got tired of giving you the best years of my life. I got tired of giving you the best of me and not getting anything in return.It was time for me to leave you.

I decided to take my life back with me and leave you alone with your ego.

I left you alone with all your accomplishments and all your self-centered conversations.

I left you even though I kept on loving you but trust me, my conscience was clear. I could not stay with the man who let his ego get in the way of our love.

They say love conquers all. But this time, the ego was invincible.