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8 Rules To Becoming A Killer Wingwoman (Help Your BFF Hook Up)

8 Rules To Becoming A Killer Wingwoman (Help Your BFF Hook Up)

You’ve heard about wingmen, right?

It’s not even remotely unusual that guys help each other out when they see a cute girl and want to approach her. It’s the basics of good friendship.

So naturally, why wouldn’t women be great wingwomen, too?

We have each other’s backs and we are there in every possible situation. Why would it be strange for us to take the seat next to the pilot and help her land the guy of her dreams.

That, among other things, is what best friends are for. 🙂

Not all of us are great at flirting and approaching men, so sometimes some of us need a helping hand and some of us are ready to help.

The point of being a wingwoman

You have to be responsible and smart to be able to go through this noble, selfless act.

You have to keep in mind not to come off too strong and steal the spotlight but at the same time, you have to be interesting enough to entertain the guy’s friend.

The whole point is to have your girl’s back and remove the friend from your girl’s conversation in a subtle and cute way.

If the friend is hot, it’s definitely a plus.

How to become the best wingwoman?

1. Practice with her

Do this a million times if necessary. Recreate a scene at a bar and practice with her to leave the best impression possible.

Do this especially if your friend is a bit shy and usually doesn’t approach strangers on your night out.

Pretend you are a hot stranger and she’s picking you up. Don’t go easy on her, be ruthless if you need to.

That’s how you’ll prepare her for the worst if it accidentally happens but also choose moments when to be gentle, too. You don’t want to destroy her self-esteem.

Also, make sure to give her feedback on things you think she might have done better. Give her advice on what you would have done differently, etc.

2. Choose for her (if you need to)

If she’s too scared to look, if she’s insecure, choose a guy for her (but follow the rules of the girl code). 

You know that this night out is not about you and you don’t need to get nervous about making the first move. Your feelings are not on the line.

You don’t have to care what he thinks about you because you are not the one who is interested in him but still, try to leave a good impression.

Ask him general questions, ask him what kind of music he likes, what he does for a living, etc.

Gather some general information about him which you will present to her and let her decide whether she likes him or not.

3. You are not a matchmaker

There is no need for you to plan their date. You are not a matchmaker in this situation and the things you would like don’t matter.

Only she matters and the things she wants to do. Do not force the hook-up, those situations usually don’t even end up well.

Be there for your girl as support and immediate help. Make sure she can rely on you at every moment. You are like her safety net.

Remember, you are there for her to help her get what she wants—a one-night stand, his number, a lover, a soulmate, you name it!

4. Play the fool if you have to

If, for any reason, things get out of hand, jump in to save the day.

If you notice that her conversation is going south or that she has gotten stuck in an embarrassing situation, go for the rescue.

In order to help her out, embarrass yourself even worse than she did, to direct the unwanted attention onto yourself. Be ready to take one for the team!

Do whatever it takes. Basically, your job is to make her look like a rock star. You don’t matter.

5. Talk her up

Before going out, think of the stories you will share with the guy she’s into. Avoid embarrassing stories and choose the ones that make her look awesome because let’s face it, she is.

Make sure to point out all of her qualities and leave him speechless.

6. Amuse the friend

Give them some time alone, especially if you see your girl has the situation under control but still keep an eye on her in case she needs your help.

While you’re letting her control the situation, amuse the friend.

Be selfless and spend as much time as possible with him, even if you don’t like him. If you do, well… that’s a win-win situation but take my advice and don’t count on that.

7. Do not flirt

As I’ve already said a couple of times, it’s not about you. You are there for her just as support.

So in order to help her the best you can, turn off your sexy charm and pretend you’re not there. You don’t want to distract him and get his attention.

If you talk to him first, act friendly and warm but distant at the same time. Do not accidentally attract him.

8. Plan the escape route

Before you go out, carefully go through all the possible scenarios in the bar, including the one where things don’t go exactly as you planned.

What if he turns out to be a creeper or if he’s just weird? You have to have an escape plan.

For these situations, come up with a safe word or a gesture that will signal you to run and save her. Or if you just see that she’s uncomfortable and she wants to bounce, go to the rescue and do your thing.

Be her wingwoman. Be the best friend she needs.