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Today, I’m Finally Giving Up On You

Today, I’m Finally Giving Up On You

I have put up with your shit long enough. I have let you do your own thing because I thought you needed to blow off steam. I thought it will go away. I have given you so many second chances that I’m embarrassed.

I have shown you so many times that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I was done putting up with your selfish ass.

I have threatened to leave which would knock sense into your head—but only for a short time. Later on, you would continue acting like before, not giving a crap about me.

You were so busy with your own life that you completely forgot about me. You neglected the fact that I’m living and breathing next to you. That’s why my darling, today, I’m finally giving up on you.

If you just payed attention to me, if you’d just weren’t so self-centered and selfish, we could have had a perfect life together.

But, instead, you chose to break my heart over and over again. Every time you were faced with a choice, you chose yourself instead of me.

I was never your priority and that’s why you forced me to give up on you.

I’m giving up on you because you were never there when I needed you. When my mom died, I couldn’t get up from bed.

When I was so vulnerable and broken, you didn’t give me the time of day. You saw what I was going through and you still chose yourself. I got on my feet. I went through that tragedy by myself and it made me realize that I don’t need you at all.

But, the sad truth is that you need me, even though you’re still not aware of that.

I’m giving up on you because you didn’t know how to keep me safe and there were times in my life when I needed you.

I needed you to hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright. I needed you to tell me how strong I am.

But, you never knew how. You saw me struggling and you walked away because you thought I could handle it by myself. Once again, you chose yourself instead of me.

I’m giving up on you because we grew apart. We didn’t even like the same things anymore. We didn’t even like to go to the same places.

You were changing or maybe you showed your true self. Either way, I couldn’t recognize you anymore.

You became a stranger—someone I know just by hello. It hurt so bad that the person I once loved became no different from someone passing by me on the street.

And what’s the worst, you never did anything to change that. You never even tried to get close to me again.

I’m giving up on you because I got tired of crying all the time. I got tired of getting up in the morning with dark circles around my eyes. I got tired of people asking me why I look like shit?

I got tired of conspiracies cooking up behind my back. I’m young, and there is still hope for me. There is still a chance that I will have a happy life with a man who’ll never allow me to cry by his side.

Today, I’m giving up on you because you made me forget what it means to be happy.

I’m giving up on you because instead of making me thrive for more and making me want to be a better person, you turned me into a depressed and bitter human being.

You made me accept whatever I could get, instead of pushing me into wanting more. You know, I was always there by your side when you wanted to give up and I didn’t let you. You never did the same for me.

But, anyway, you’re welcome for that.

I’m giving up on you because love is not a one-way street. I’m not the only person in our relationship and I felt like I was.

I’m giving up on you because your kisses weren’t the same as before and your hugs became weaker and weaker with each next day. I’m sorry, but I can’t let myself go through the pain of another broken heart.

Today, my darling, I’m giving up on you because you’ve already given up on meyou just didn’t want to admit it.