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Don’t You Dare Hurt A Girl Who Would Never Hurt You

Don’t You Dare Hurt A Girl Who Would Never Hurt You

She might look tough from the outside because she’s gone through a lot, but know that she also has a fragile heart. She’s not like anyone you’ve ever met.

She’s gone through hard times where she was forced to fake her smile even though her whole body was hurting.

She wiped her tears alone in the night, forgotten by everyone, but she never, ever has thought of hurting anyone. And if you’re the next boy who’s going to love her, don’t you dare hurt her.

Don’t you dare open those wounds and break her into pieces because she would never do that to you.

Her heart deserves to be treated with special care, and if you’re not able of doing it, do not waste her time.

You will probably have a hard time getting used to her, but if you give her enough space, you will realize the essence of her beauty. Sometimes it might seem like she has many personas in one being.

Her childish nature will remind of an innocent child. Her adventurous spirit will inspire you to go out of your comfort zone. Her selfless love will question your past ones.

She cannot promise you that she will be easy to deal with. Sometimes she gets so stubborn that it’s hard to convince her otherwise.

Sometimes she might challenge every pore of your being just because she wants to help you improve, but remember that she would never do any harm to you.

So, don’t you dare hurt her.

Don’t you dare hurt her just because you can. It is easy to be a bad person, but it takes strength to be vulnerable in a world full of lies, deceit and superficiality.

She could have chosen to be bad, but she didn’t even though others treated her badly.

Instead, she chose to stay consistent with her true self, so don’t you dare destroy it. It would be a real shame to destroy something as authentic and as beautiful as her.

It would be a shame to shatter her heart into one million tiny pieces because she will have to collect them all again in order to become herself.

Promise her that you’ll protect her from any harm. Promise her that you will never stop making her smile. Promise her that you’ll fulfill all of your promises and will never make her question your decisions.

Promise her all of that and more because she deserves it. She deserves to be bathed in love because she was the one giving it unselfishly to everyone around her. She was the one taking care more of others than herself.

She deserves to be fought for and loved for who she really is. She knows that she’s not perfect, and she doesn’t expect you to be perfect either.

The only thing she will ever expect of you is to make an effort not to hurt her because she would never do it to you.

Be wise about your decisions because they could influence her happiness.

Think twice before saying something because your words could scar her.

Love her unconditionally because if you don’t, you will hurt her.

And know that she will do the same for you. She will always be there when you need her because she doesn’t know differently.

She will comfort you and reassure you that everything will be alright even when she barely believes it herself. She will love you with all of her heart.

So, don’t you dare hurt such a delicate, beautiful flower.

Water her with your love because if you don’t, she will wither. Tell her how beautiful she is when she least expects it, and you will discover that special smile of hers when she’s at the same time happy and embarrassed at your words. Tell her that she is the love of your life, and she’ll give you the widest smile you’ve ever seen.