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A Woman Shares Her Hilarious Trick For Getting Out Of Unwanted Second Dates

A Woman Shares Her Hilarious Trick For Getting Out Of Unwanted Second Dates

You must have regretted going on some date at least once. We all have.

I would sit across from someone in a restaurant wishing I had a time machine to go back to the past and say I can’t go out with them. You probably felt the same. 

Sometimes it’s the way they act weirdly, show too many red flags, or simply don’t suit your vibe. Whatever the reason is, you’re sure you don’t want that second date. And this is where things get tricky.

You can always fake some sudden emergency that happened and make up a reason you need to go back home (don’t ask me how I know this) but rejecting a second date is what people struggle with.

Obviously no one wants to be rude and say what they actually mean: “Hey, I don’t like you at all. You’re weird and I would never be with you. So no, I don’t want to go on a second date with you.” So what can you do to avoid the next date without hurting their feelings?

TikToker Jo Brundza (@jbrundz) knows the answer! And trust me, you would have never thought of this!

Make sure they are the ones to reject you!

Surely you don’t want to be rude or hurt anyone’s feelings, especially if they were generally nice and polite but you simply didn’t click with them. So acting like a complete fool might actually be easier! That won’t hurt anyone!

Jo Brundza mastered that skill and became a pro in avoiding second dates she was not interested in. She posted a video explaining her hilarious trick and people couldn’t believe what idea she came up with!

Jo made up a whole story so absurd it makes her dates too stunned to speak every time. She usually uses this trick at the moment she realizes she doesn’t want a second date. She explains this saying:

“From the point of that realization on, I spend the rest of that date trying to convince the other person that I don’t the Moon is real. Not like I think the Moon landing is fake, I think the Moon itself is not real.”

Well, this is surely a unique approach to that tricky situation. Honestly, I think this is so funny and harmless. 

Some people wrote they do similar things in these situations. One woman shared her trick:

Credit: TikTok

“I do this except instead of Moon denying I convince them I’m a flat earther.”

Others immediately said this is too risky since there are a lot of flat earthers so if they agree there’s no going back.

This is exactly why saying something absurd like the Moon doesn’t exist at all is perfect! I wish I remembered this earlier. One woman even took this game to the next level:

“LMAO!!! I took a horrible date down the rabbit hole of “Birds Aren’t Real” and it was so completely unhinged.”

This is also pretty creative! Gotta take some notes! 

A lot of people wondered how she pulled this off and explained her reasoning behind the Moon being fake so Jo posted a follow-up video.

She uses three arguments to support her story

Jo developed three tactics to convince her dates she really believes the Moon is not real.

Credit: TikTok

She called the first tactic “if you know, you know” and explains what argument she uses:

“I just think it’s ridiculous that all these billionaires are going up into space. I mean, when they get up there, what do they expect to be there, or not be up there?”

The second argument is supported by scientific evidence. Fake ones, of course. This is what she usually says:

“Look, I’m just saying that if you look at the science of how light refraction works when it enters the atmosphere, it would bend it in a way that to the naked eye would look like a solid mass, but it’s not. Also, at the end of the day, do you know anyone who has actually been to the Moon?”

Damn, this sounds kinda real! All props to her!

The last tactic is to simply blame it on Greenland:

“Eighty percent of the island is covered in ice and uninhabitable. You’re really gonna tell me that’s not where the projectors are? Actually, now that I think about it, do you personally know anyone who’s ever been to Greenland?”

You definitely need to be really creative to come up with something like this! I think she should either be an actress or join some debate club! Don’t you agree?

People in the comments were thankful she revealed her awesome trick and said she’s doing the lord’s work by helping everyone. I agree with them! I just hope none of her past dates will see this video and realize she isn’t so crazy after all.

Do you have any silly ways of getting out of unwanted dates? Share them in the comments!