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True Love Accepts You As You Are, It Doesn’t Compare You To Others

True Love Accepts You As You Are, It Doesn’t Compare You To Others

Don’t accept half love. If anything, love should be whole at all times.

You don’t have to make your life more complicated than it is. I learned that the hard way, but now I know: When you feel something’s off – deep in your heart – that means you just have to let it go.

It’s not worth it. I know you love him, but sometimes that isn’t enough. You’re here to live YOUR life and be YOU. If that’s not enough for him, then say goodbye and move on. 

If he’s not able to accept you as you are or communicate things in a respectful manner, there’s no point.

The thing is, you will never stop being you. Yes, people can mature and change in certain ways over time, but for the man who can’t accept and understand your essence, that will never be enough anyway.

You shouldn’t listen about what you should be when there’s already so much of you he can’t see while you’re standing right in front of him.

You’re already enough as you are. Don’t buy into someone’s fantasies they project onto you.

You’re not responsible for meeting the unrealistic needs of a man who doesn’t even try to understand you.

There’s so much pressure on women to look and behave a certain way. The last thing you need is to feel that pressure from your significant other.

True love doesn’t act like that.

I know you’re maybe thinking that love I’m talking about doesn’t exist, but that’s only because you’ve never given it a chance as you were too busy trying to be better for someone else.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but trying to be better for someone else, as well as trying to be like someone else, will never work out.

If you think that losing a certain number of pounds, stopping yourself from saying what you’re thinking, and having more frequent sex will change things, I can assure you, it won’t.

It won’t because it wasn’t about you in the first place, it was about him.

Please don’t sacrifice your uniqueness and authenticity to get approval from someone else. That’s not loving and it’s certainly not self-love either.

When you feel vulnerable, love makes you feel safe, not abandoned and invalidated.

When you have something to say, love listens to you. It doesn’t make you nervous to say what’s on your mind.

True love doesn’t make you inferior to other women. It doesn’t joke about your insecurities; it makes sure you feel accepted. It doesn’t fill your mind with negative thoughts and pretend that’s okay.

No, true love is based on mutual respect and it teaches you how to truly love yourself.

True love lets you express yourself as you are without fear of being judged. All the judgments that shaped your fears throughout life should disappear in the presence of true love.

A man who truly loves you will be honest yet respectful. He will lift you up and be there if you fall.

That’s one of the most important things – to have a love that’s true, means to endure through tough times and come out even stronger together.

It’s knowing that without your different and unique traits, you wouldn’t be able to make through challenges. It’s celebrating your uniqueness.

Life isn’t always glamorous, but it can be beautiful when we can see past the superficial standards of beauty and success.

To feel free and loved in a relationship is one of the most fulfilling things a person can experience, but what’s even more fulfilling is to feel the same when you’re by yourself.

Yes, that’s absolutely possible. You can be happy by yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin without anyone else.

Don’t be afraid to step outside things that don’t serve your growth, even if that means leaving relationships and turning your life upside down.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself – that’s not selfishness, that’s your responsibility. You’re given a soul, a body, and a lifetime to explore who you are and enjoy life.

Every great change comes with taking a risk, but it’s worth it. Every day you have an opportunity to decide which way to go – back to your fears or into the growth.

Choose growth, choose yourself, and bless the world with something incomparable. Bless the world with yourself.