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True Love Is Supposed To Heal, Not Hurt

True Love Is Supposed To Heal, Not Hurt

How many times have you heard someone saying: “ Love hurts ”? And how many times how you believed it yourself?

I did, too. I used to believe that love hurts like hell because when you’re unable to fall asleep and wipe away all of your tears, when your heart is shattered into million tiny pieces, the only thing that seems logical is to say that love hurts.

I wish someone had told me back then how utterly mistaken I was.

Love doesn’t hurt you. A person that doesn’t know how to love hurts you.

Yes. It’s the only truth in the whole, wide universe. Love doesn’t bring you tears. A person that doesn’t know how to make you happy does. Love doesn’t make you feel less worthy. A person that doesn’t know how to appreciate you does.

Love is not something that enters your life and changes its meaning without you being consent. The type of love you accept from others determines the outcome. When something bad happens, it’s silly to blame love for being harsh to you.

True love is supposed to heal, not hurt.

True love is as beautiful and pure as a snowflake in the winter. It is selfless, heartwarming, giving and humble. It is so strong that is capable of moving mountains, and at the same time, as fragile as a feather.

By all of its features, true love is supposed to heal and not hurt. It is supposed to bring a smile to your face, love to every pore of your being, make you feel blissful and in touch with your true self.

Whenever you start doubting the healing power of love, ask yourself whether the love you’re accepting is true.

When your heart’s been broken too many times, it’s hard to believe in the healing power of love because you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it yet. When your tears have been streaming down your face for too long, it’s hard to believe in the healing power of love because you no longer trust anyone.

All of the pain and struggle you’re going through now is just a side effect of the person that didn’t know how to love you. It’s not love that has made you feel this way. Love, when it’s true, never makes you doubt it for a single second.

True love is supposed to open your eyes, not close them.

True love makes you realize that all this time, you’ve been wasting your seconds on those who were never meant to stay. It shows you the difference between selfless love and selfish love.

It makes you feel reborn because it has the power of deleting all of your past mistakes and preventing you from repeating them. It makes you feel loved for who you really are.

True love is supposed to feel blissful and spontaneous.

All of those cute, romantic gestures that you do for someone to show them how much you love them are like food for true love. Loving someone unconditionally means making an effort to bring a smile to their face and make them feel special.

It has nothing to do with how many smileys you have received on your social network. It has nothing to do with how many times someone has told you that they love you.

True love is in every spontaneous kiss you get from your loved one. It is in wiping tears from each other’s faces, holding hands while you’re sleeping, and never forgetting to let each other know how much you appreciate everything your partner does for you. True love is not jealous, selfish, poisonous, or toxic.

True love knows someone’s weaknesses, but it doesn’t use them against them. It accepts them.

It helps you to become the best version of yourself by accepting your every flaw and quirk. It gives you space to show your true colors and never feel ashamed of them. It inspires you, motivates you, and moves you to achieve greatness and reach ultimate happiness.

True love stays.

When something bad happens, true love doesn’t hide itself. It’s there with you, holding your hand and telling you that everything will be alright. True love is not afraid of being challenged because it knows that patience and persistence will make it win.

Remember that true love is not supposed to hurt. True love is supposed to heal your wounds, accept your flaws, keep you safe, and love you unconditionally. And if it doesn’t, it means you didn’t find it yet.