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True Love Stays – You Don’t Have To Fight For It

True Love Stays – You Don’t Have To Fight For It

True love stays.

The biggest difference between meaningless romance and true love is that true love stays.
You don’t have to search for it.

True love will find you when you least expect it, and it will stay. True love is so powerful that it can defy every single obstacle you may face. And all of those sleepless nights and tears will suddenly make sense.

You don’t have to worry about it.

You don’t have to worry about true love because true love has its own timing. It will not visit you when it’s too early or too late, but when it does, true love always make sure to come at the right time and place. Don’t worry that you won’t be ready when the time comes because all this time, true love has been preparing you for what is about to come. All of your meaningless romances will be overshadowed by the boldness of true love.

True love is brave.

It is the most powerful force in the entire universe that can make your heart beat five times faster and prolong your smile ten times longer. True love doesn’t like lies, greediness or boastfulness.

True love destroys all of it and makes space in your heart for all of the beautiful things it’s about to give you. Don’t worry that your heart is not ready for it because true love will make you ready.
It will delete all of your doubts you’ve had so far and replace it with inner peace and harmony.

True love is proud.

True love is proud and if you beg for it, it will not come to you. True love comes only when it wants to and when it thinks you’re ready.

There’s no need to wait for it either because if you only wait, it will not come. True love will come to you when you deserve it.

Don’t worry, it will make sure to come before it’s too late, and even if your heart is completely destroyed into pieces by the time it comes, true love will heal it.

True love is strong.

True love will open your eyes, and it will show you the meaning of life. It will help you understand all of the bad things that have happened in your past.

True love will replace all of the bad with good because true love is strong. It is powerful enough to lift your spirit to the sky, yet humble enough to make you appreciate it.

Don’t worry that it will leave you somewhere in the middle of the road because it won’t. Once it finds you, true love will guide you through the darkest tunnels and the most deserted roads.

And you don’t have to be afraid.

You don’t have to be afraid because it will know where it’s going. It will guide you through the darkest tunnels only to show you the beauty of light.

It will guide you through the most deserted roads only to show you the beauty of the wilderness.

Embrace it.

Live in the moment.

Appreciate it.

When true love comes, it will never abandon you. True love stays and no matter how hard it gets, it will never go away.

It will lift you up when you’re feeling down, and it will drop you down when you’re feeling too proud. True love is a perfect measure of bravery, pride and strength.

It will help you conquer all of your inner battles and enlighten your soul. It will help you understand your past, enjoy the present and plan for the future.

You don’t have to fight for it.

It will stay. If it doesn’t stay, it means it wasn’t even there. True love has its own timing, and the only thing it’ll ever ask of you is to believe it.