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Dear Man, The Moment She Realizes Her Worth You’re Screwed

Dear Man, The Moment She Realizes Her Worth You’re Screwed

This is for you.

To the man who keeps her waiting by her phone for days on end. The one who knows just how to keep her hooked, without offering her anything in return.

The one who manages to weasel his way back into her world just as she was starting to get over you.

You, with your smart words and your coy smile, always find your way back to her because you know she will swallow her pride and reach for you for the billionth time.

You are the reason she cries herself to sleep almost every day of the week. You belittle her, put her down and treat her like she is a second class citizen.

You take pleasure in knowing she will sink even lower for you.

Does it make you feel important, knowing there is someone out there who will pick up the phone at 3 am when your drunk ass is calling her for the third night in a row that week?

Does it boost your ego knowing she loves you more than herself?

Even though it’s killing her on the inside, but she can’t help it… you make her weak, and drain every atom of kindness she has inside her.

Just you wait. One day… she will look at you and just laugh. It will be beyond her how she once did everything in the world for you, not caring at all how degrading it was for her.

Only now, she won’t care anymore. She will finally see what kind of man she settled for, and she will never stoop so low again.

You will text her like you normally do at ungodly hours… and there won’t be a reply.

It will bug the shit out of you how she no longer gives you the attention you crave and expect from her.

You will finally ask her on an actual date, and she’ll say no. And then… it will finally hit you.

You had your chance with this girl, and you blew it by playing your macho games and taking advantage of the most beautiful girl inside out.

You could’ve had it all with her, and until now, you didn’t see it. And now that it’s too late, you’ll wish you could take it all back and apologize for your shitty behavior.

The thing with this girl is, once she breaks free of the control you had over her, she will make you realize the change you desperately need.

This girl who was once so insecure and vulnerable when it came to you, but now, after blowing so many opportunities to be a real man to her, she has risen above all that and sees right through you.

And she will change you. She will make you aware of things you did wrong, ways you disrupted her life, and all those times you took complete advantage of her kindness and enjoyed playing her for a fool.

When that day comes, you will see the error of your ways, and you will realize that you need to change because nobody will tolerate that shit any longer.

You will finally be the man you know you should’ve been to her all those years ago. You will miss her.

You will miss her touch, her sweet voice, her kind heart and gentle nature… you will miss how she made you feel when you were next to her, and her dry sense of humor that not many get (but you do).

You will see her around town, happily walking about with her new man.. seeing the glow on her face and her smile which is so contagious, and you will finally see she is genuinely happy now.

It will kill you that you’re not the man holding her hand. It will kill you that you had your chance to make her that happy, and you did the exact opposite.

And now, all you have are the memories of what could’ve been but never was. Her new man will be there for her at all hours of the day because he adores her.

He will wipe away her tears and soothe her cries… but he will never be the one to cause her to cry. And you will finally see the difference between you and him.

Unlike you, he didn’t need to treat her like crap to realize how much she means to him.

And when that happens – she wins.