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6 Biggest Turn-Offs For Quality Men

6 Biggest Turn-Offs For Quality Men

Quality men don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve. They don’t settle for arrogant women with low standards and constant complaints. 

Are you a woman with a behavior that’s a common turn off? 

It is no secret that men and women have different tastes when it comes to the opposite sex. While there is no single formula for creating a “perfect woman”, there are certain attributes and behaviors that are just a big NO for men. 

From the perspective of a woman, let’s take a closer look at what qualities and behaviors men find to be the most off-putting.

1. Arrogant women

First things first: let’s clear out that arrogance isn’t the same as confidence. An arrogant woman will tell a man what to do, but a confident woman expects her man to know what to do because she knows what she’s bringing to the table.

An arrogant woman talks down to her man, which is very demeaning. By doing this, she gives him the impression that his opinion doesn’t matter to her, which in turn causes insecurity. 

Being arrogant comes with a lot of disadvantages, but the most prominent one is that you seem cold and uninterested. That’s why men can’t open up and become vulnerable around you. 

And isn’t vulnerability the first step to emotional intimacy? 

2. You’re the drama queen

As trivial and cliche as it may sound, drama queens can actually be quite a nuisance, especially to men. 

Some folks think that shunning drama queens is all about avoiding being taken advantage of, while others believe it’s more about not wanting to get caught up in too much melodramatic mayhem!

It’s easy to understand why men feel this way; after all, no one likes to deal with too much drama.

Emotional outburst and exaggerations are just a big NO for every man. They just love the idea of a normal, peaceful Monday rather than having a girlfriend who will constantly create drama out of nothing. 

So if you’re one of these girls, it’s definitely time to change!

3. Showing too much interest upfront

As humans, our brains are conditioned to believe that something is only valuable if it’s hard to get. If you give any indication that you’re NOT HARD TO GET, he may start wondering: ‘’Hm, maybe there’s someone more valuable than her?’’

So for example, if you’re texting him back right away all the time, treating him like a priority before he’s really even had to prove himself to you…Yeah, he might leave you trying to find someone better. 

Yes, you gotta act nonchalant to keep him humbled. But don’t get confused, quality men don’t think you’re desperate if you’re showing interest. They just enjoy the chase. 

4. Excessive neediness

Being needy is the ugliest thing you can do as a girl. You come off as the “crazy woman” and that’s an instant ICK for him. 

Neediness is not a set of behaviors – it’s a state of mind. It’s a state of mind that says “I’ll only be okay if you give me 100% of your attention and love. I can’t function otherways. That’s my default behavior and if I don’t get it, things will get tough.”

So, think about it, it makes sense why it’s one of the biggest turn-offs. No matter how many other qualities you have, when you become the “too clingy” partner in the relationship, it quickly becomes a real nightmare. 

Clinginess leads to a number of problems, from insecurity and jealousy to a lack of trust, and quality men just don’t have the time to deal with those things.

5. Complaining 

Guys hate this! Complaining, negative mindset or when you do something that’s rude like gossip about someone…All these things will be a big obstacle to your success in winning him. 

It’s simple: men just don’t like being around someone who’s always negative and pessimistic. Every relationship needs a certain level of positive energy to thrive, and complaining all the time won’t get you anywhere.

He will see you as a nag and annoyance and plus, you’re creating a sense of obligation because he’ll start to think he’s responsible for your happiness. 

6. You’re talking, but not listening

Men love when you make them feel heard. That’s why not being a good listener is one big turn-off. 

Being a good listener is a sign of maturity and emotional intelligence, and if you’re not, quality men won’t be interested in you. 

There are many ways that tell him you’re not listening right to him, and Eros Miranda, a relationship coach, explains the most common ones in her TikTok video:

Communication in a relationship is so important and if you won’t listen to him and how he’s feeling, it’s a surefire sign to him that he shouldn’t start a relationship with you at all. 

Just Remember

If you want to attract a quality man, remember that good looks and a seductive attitude can only take you so far. 

Be confident, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to show off your playful and girly side. Quality men are looking for a genuine connection and a real person who is comfortable in their own skin. 

Don’t ignore these turn-offs and if you have some of them, try to get rid of them because with the right combination (being yourself + watching out for these turn-offs) your success is guaranteed!