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What Type Of Drunk You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Type Of Drunk You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign


Since you are competitive, you won’t be able to resist trying to win a drinking game. And when you get drunk enough, your tongue has a mind of its own. You will tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Except for that, you are extremely fun to be around when you’re drunk, but others should be careful, because if they can’t handle the truth, it’s better to avoid you after a couple of shots.


No matter what kind of a funk your friends are, you will get them out of it. You take drinking to a whole different, funny level. You make your friends laugh with your funny and clumsy behavior or you spend all night on the dance floor enjoying it and making sure everybody around you who’s watching has the time of their lives too.


When you get drunk, you are all over the place. One minute you are with your group of friends and the next, they have no idea where you are. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you woke up at dawn in the bushes outside your house rather than in your bed. Also, usually you are not much of a talker, but after a few drinks no one can shut you up. You will open up to anyone who is polite enough to listen to you.


Alcohol only makes your emotional side more transparent. It’s most certain that you’re going to end up crying during a night out but the only thing that will decide what you’re going to cry about is how good or bad your day was. You’re either going to cry out of anger because you saw your ex with someone new, or you’re going to cry because you saw an adorable puppy on the street and it was the cutest thing you ever saw.


Of course, when you drink, the spotlight is all yours. You take over the dance floor and you act like you’re the best dancer alive. The amount of your self-confidence actually attracts people, whether you can actually dance or not. Another weakness of yours while you’re drunk is flirting. You can’t resist a little harmless flirting. Of course, you would never do anything about it if you’re already in a relationship, but you like to see where things could go.


FLIRTING!! You don’t feel any pressure when flirting when you’re drunk and you do it perfectly. You can pick someone up with just one move. And the best thing is that people don’t even notice you’re drunk.There’s another side to your drinking, though, and that is vulgarity and dirty thoughts. It can go either way.


Libras are super-social and they are the life of every party but they don’t know when to stop drinking. They simply don’t have any limits. In fact, they do, but that’s only when they pass out in the bathroom and have to leave to go home.


A night out with you may be a real rollercoaster. No one knows what is going to happen or how you’re going to react, it all depends on how drunk you are. Most of the time, you really don’t care about what you are going to say and to whom. If you offend someone, you will never apologize, not even the next day but you can count on people being overwhelmed by your brilliant, sarcastic jokes.


You love to make people laugh when you’re drunk. Your jokes are hilarious, so there are no worries there. You are willing to try anything new and go wherever someone suggests you should go. Also, you don’t give a fuck what other people are going to say or think and you usually embarrass yourself. But since you don’t care, it turns out to be funny and charming.


When you are drunk, all those emotions you keep under control suddenly get out of control. So, you make up for all you’ve been missing out on. This is why you want to go out and drink with your best friends, because you know they will take care of you and pick you up when you fall – literally and metaphorically.


When you’re drunk, you never take things seriously. With a glass of liquor in your hand, you are goofy and charming and pretty much no one can resist you. Although you have everyone’s attention from the moment you walk into the room anyway, you engage them additionally by storytelling. That is kind of your thing.


You are very daring when you drink and there isn’t a thing you won’t try or cannot do. You will always be the one to stay out last, unless you pass out somewhere before the last call. Most of the time you create a mess wherever you drink and sometimes this can fuck things up, because people don’t want to put up with your shit.

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