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The Type Of Person You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Type Of Person You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You attract people who are completely opposite to you. You like adventure and you can’t stay in one place for too long.

The people you attract are so unlike you, but if they have someone like you on their side, they will join you in your adventures, they just don’t want to come up with things to do themselves. That’s why they have you.


People who are attracted to you crave loyalty. They are attracted to highly intelligent people who don’t have a habit of abandoning people. They know that when you commit to someone, it’s for forever.

They are usually calmer than you and take life more seriously but the perfect thing is that the two of you meet somewhere in the middle, according to your personality traits.


You attract people who would be extremely boring without you. They crave stimulation and excitement and you have exactly what it takes to enrich their lives.

When you first meet them, they will appear as passionate as you are, but in reality that is not the truth. Only after you hook up will they become like that because you will evoke that feeling that was hiding inside of them.


People who are attracted to Cancers crave love most of all and thank God you have a lot of love to give. They know that Cancers are perfect people to build a life with.

Cancer will give them a solid foundation to build their trust on but be careful, as not all of your suitors have good intentions. Some of them will pretend and try to manipulate you or are just interested in you because of money.


People who are attracted to you crave a big personality and that is exactly what you have. You are a bold and independent person who shines brightly in the spotlight.

Your suitors want to be around someone who is creative and smart; they just can’t resist some of that star quality you possess.


You attract people who carry a lot of baggage. They will have a crazy past and they bring chaos to your perfectly organized life.

That happens for a reason, though; sometimes you are so uptight that you need a little chaos in order to be happy. Your partner will bring you exactly what you need.


They attract people who want better lives for themselves. They seek a highly emotional partner who is equal to them.

A Libran is highly emotionally intelligent and they won’t let someone who is not somewhat similar to them get close to them. So, they attract just the right type of people.


The people you attract crave passion. They are missing passion in their lives and that’s why they are attracted to you. Everything you do, you do with passion and with high endangerment.

Sometimes that can be dangerous but it’s always exciting. These people know it will never be boring dating someone like you.


People who are attracted to you are people who lack humor. They want someone in their life who will make them laugh and there is no better person to do that than you.

Other than your humor, they know you possess friendship traits and incredible partner traits.


People who attract you crave something they know no other sign can give them. They know that Capricorns are incredibly loyal and independent and that they will never embarrass themselves or you in public.

They know how to keep secrets and it makes their partners trust them.


People who attract you are always searching for some meaning to their lives and you are exactly what they need to solve that once and for all.

They know that you love to help the people around you and that there is some kind of greater force that keeps you moving positively in life. Your generosity is the reason that you are so irresistible to them.


The daydreamer you are, you are a perfect match for people who lack creativity and you have a lot of it. Pisces leads an artistic life, full of enjoyment and indulging themselves.

They enjoy good music and fine art, which is exactly what people who are attracted to you need—a more sophisticated life.