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The Ugly Side Of Being A Girl Who Always Takes Care Of Others

The Ugly Side Of Being A Girl Who Always Takes Care Of Others

You’re always there for people who need a friend…

You’re the type of person whom people can always count on. Day and night, you’re always available for those in need.

And people count on you mostly because you always find the right thing to say at the right moment.

Your comfort feels so good and that’s why people always rely on you when they need a friend.

You never get to treat people the way they treat you…

You live by your own rules and even though you’d want to treat people the way they treat you to teach them a lesson, you can’t.

You can’t because you’re not that kind of a person.

You don’t have a mean bone in your body and you can never make others taste their own medicine.

When they punch you, you punch back with kindness, always trying to keep yourself from doing mean things to people.

You forgive easily…

Since you’re the type of person who always tries to understand others, you have a hard time holding grudges.

No matter how much someone has hurt you, no matter how long you feel that pain present in yourself, you forgive pretty easily.

Whenever someone hurts you, you try to put yourself in their shoes and you end up forgiving them.

You forgive too much…

No matter how many times someone has shown you that you shouldn’t trust them, you keep placing your hand in the fire, hoping this time you won’t get burned.

You’re just not the type of person who remembers bad things.

And sometimes even if you don’t forget that someone did you wrong, you needing to take care of people is always bigger than your pain.

You often forget about yourself because of others…

Maybe that day you want to do something just for yourself.

Maybe you decided this period will be about you and you only, but whenever someone comes running to you asking for help, you forget all that you have going on, all that you have planned, and you decide to take care of their needs first.

That’s why you never have time for yourself.

People are used to your kindness…

You don’t have a mean bone in your body and people know that.

Getting your kindness, having you around to take care of them, are things you should be doing because they have never felt your absence.

You were always there when they needed you and having good people around is something you get used to very fast.

That’s why it’s never something extraordinary when you do a favor for others because that’s something they’re expecting from you anyway.

You feel bad for saying ‘no’…

Because people got used to your kindness and your favors, they are surprised when they see you with too much on your plate and you trying to say ‘no’ to them.

I wrote ‘trying’ for a reason, because even though you feel like saying ‘no’ to them, your guilty conscience doesn’t allow you to do it.

It would keep you awake at night and it would make you feel bad or make you feel like a bad person and that’s the last thing you want.

So you end up doing things for other people who don’t deserve you lifting one finger for them.

Nobody knows how you feel…

The worst part of being a girl who always takes care of others is to see that there isn’t anyone to take care of you.

You fall into a black hole too. You can be down, you can feel bad about your life as well. But nobody would notice.

Nobody would know what to do with you.

So you don’t let others know how you feel. You bottle your feelings up and you decide to take care of yourself alone.

You’re never treated the way you deserve to be treated…

The ugly side of being a girl who takes care of others is the fact that people never behave toward you the way they should.

They never treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

You deserve the world. You deserve someone who’ll know how to treat you.

You deserve to be taken care of as well. You deserve the love you keep giving to others. And you hope to get it one day.

The truth is, you will-just be patient.

The beautiful side of being a girl who always takes care of others is the fact that there is a person out there who is warm and kind just like you are.

That person is going through whatever you’re going through as well.

So don’t lose hope and don’t turn out to be like everyone else in this world.

Stay true to yourself so that your soulmate can recognize you once you two meet.