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Venus Retrograde 2020 Is Here To Rock Your Love Boat: Is Your Ex Coming Back?

Venus Retrograde 2020 Is Here To Rock Your Love Boat: Is Your Ex Coming Back?

Venus – Taurus and Libra’s ruling planet – is a planet that rules relationships. It starts May 13 and ends June 25 this year. What does a retrograde really mean?

Retrograde is a period of any planet that represents a retrospective of that planet’s themes.

So, it brings out everything and anything in people connected to what that particular planet represents.

Venus is going to make us all dig deep into our relationships. Venus also rules desire, love, art, money, and pleasure, but we connect it to the beauty of coming back to things.

This is exactly why you might expect your ex to be finding their way back into your life.


Many surprises are coming your way. Generally, you are good at using communication to resolve your issues, but this retrograde might cause your words to be misinterpreted.

If you pay attention to this, you’re safe with this retrograde. It will help you form new relationships or even rekindle old ones.

Remember to think before you speak and think deeply about how you want to act when people from your past make a reappearance.


You are ruled by Venus, so buckle up. This transit for you will bring out the question of loving yourself.

You might go through the process of trying to show yourself some love through material things, but realizing that knowledge, faith, and romance might be a better way to reward yourself.

There’s a spark in you waiting to be kindled and no amount of money can replace the passion you’re missing in your life. This retrograde might inspire you to kindle it once and for all.


This retrograde is in your sign and will completely change the way you think about relationships.

You’ll recognize the issues you have in connecting to others and find ways to improve it.

If you are in a relationship, a more vivid image of the future with your partner will be forming in your mind.

A person might come from your past. It’s your decision whether you’ll use their appearance to reconnect or finally let go completely of someone who was an important person in your love life.

For you, this retrograde will be about breaking free, so it’s pretty certain that you’ll choose to move on.


This retrograde won’t be easy on you. While you will enjoy a lot of time enjoying the effects of Venus that build up your creativity and revel in the comfort and privacy of your home with your partner, a much tougher time is coming.

It will cause you to rethink your love decisions, and lovers from your past will come to mind.

You’ll try to suppress these thoughts, which is possibly the best thing you can do.

Nevertheless, it will cause you to go through hell with all the unpleasant emotions that it’ll bring you.


This Venus transit will be soft for most fire signs. For you, the retrograde of Venus will represent a vacation – a mental vacation from everything that’s been building up in your mind for a long time.

An escape with a loved one is in sight. You too will have people from your past reappearing, but you’ll be sure right away that they simply are not worth your time or energy.

They might also be some people who you’ve hurt in the past, giving you their forgiveness and teaching you a lesson.


This won’t be an easy period for you. Analyst that you are, this retrograde will motivate you to dig deep into the details of everything that happened in your past relationships.

Even though this will be a tough process, it will help you learn a lot about yourself.

Knowing where you stand might give you more confidence. You’ll have to fight through this one, but coming out on the other side will feel empowering.


You too are ruled by Venus. This period will represent a lesson about connections, relationships, and love to all Libras.

You’ll be all about letting go from toxic things and relationships in your life, moving on, and breaking free from patterns that brought quite a bit of chaos into your world.

For those of you happily taken, this transit will be all about realizing how much magic and bliss your love can create.

You’ll benefit from learning there’s a lot of strength in you that is yours only and doesn’t connect to your love life or your partner.


Your past is coming back to haunt you. You’ll constantly be thinking about every little bad thing that happened in your past relationships and your old wounds will start aching again.

Luckily, Scorpio is strong enough to move on, so there’s hope you’ll have what it takes to concentrate on those in your life who might bring you true love and happiness.


2020 Venus retrograde will bring you many challenges. You’ll be reevaluating everything in your life, from yourself to your relationships.

There will be people from the past surfacing once again, but probably just to remind you who you are now, and strengthen your belief in lessons you’ve learned that will help you grow and go back to being your amazing self.


This Venus retrograde might bring some mess in how your work life affects your personal life.

There will be a need to refocus on some old projects and spend more time working, which might not reflect greatly on your love life.

Many questions and dilemmas will arise in your mind, and the best possible thing for you to do is hold on and wait until the retrograde passes to make any decisions.


This Venus transit will bring out all of your creative energy, so it’s safe to say it will represent a period of rebirth and enjoyment for you.

When Venus goes retrograde, you might start questioning yourself on basically everything, and this applies to your relationships too.

You won’t even have time to make final decisions on anything before Venus goes direct, which will most definitely make things normal again.


During this retrograde you will reminisce about your ex and reconnect with things that used to bring you happiness in the past.

If you’re mature enough, you’ll be able to use this knowledge to make your future something to hope for.

Even if your optimism might get shaky for a moment there, it will prevail and you’ll be inspired and motivated to keep love, joy, and hope as a part of your better life that’s just around the corner.