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7 Ways To Kick Your Ex Out Of Your System

7 Ways To Kick Your Ex Out Of Your System

1. Stop trying to forget him

The truth is the more you think about getting over your ex, the more he’ll be present in your thoughts.

He will be all you think about and that’s not what you need right now or ever.

It’s like when somebody says don’t eat cake. Naturally, the only thing you can think about is eating that delicious slice of cake as soon as possible.

Clearly, your ex is not as delicious as that cake or he wouldn’t be an ex.

There is a good reason you guys broke up and that’s that.

So instead of trying to forget him, just redirect your focus onto yourself. Be there for yourself and learn how to love yourself more.

Find ways to make yourself happy and you will kick him out of your system before you know it.

2. Give yourself time, there is no fast track to healing

I know you don’t want to hear this but it will take time until your broken heart heals completely.

It would be easier if you could just snap your fingers and go to that place in the future where you are feeling better but sadly things don’t go that way.

It’s a long process, full of ups and downs. So don’t expect to be all better overnight.

3. Stay busy

The worst thing you can do is do nothing. Overanalyzing every single aspect of your past relationship and going through all the what ifs will only make the entire situation worse.

Constantly thinking about what happened and why it happened only keeps pulling you deeper and deeper into sadness and depression.

So get up and get busy. Fill your schedule and don’t waste a minute.

Call your friends and make plans with them. Exercise. Go hiking.

Cook something new and delicious. Take some dancing lessons. Volunteer.

Do whatever your heart desires. Do all the things you wanted to do but your relationship got in the way of.

4. Don’t let your ex still be a part of your life

Make sure your ex isn’t stringing you along. You had that talk, you broke up but you still don’t know whether it is definite or not.

He needs time to figure things out and he doesn’t mind keeping you waiting.

As if breaking up wasn’t as bad enough, you will end up with a broken soul too if you keep dreaming of reconciliation.

Once you decide to end things, never go back.

You will only suffer more by waiting for something that will never be.

5. Cut every tie that’s still keeping you near him

Staying friends with your ex is not a good idea. No matter what the reason for breaking up was, while everything is still fresh and your emotions are very much real it’s not a good idea to stay close.

Pretending to be someone’s friend when you want something more will show you that you can be lonelier than when you are all by yourself.

A lot of women think that sleeping with their ex will make them fall for them again.

But that’s never the case. They sleep with them because the opportunity presents itself.

It is not a matter of feelings, it’s a matter of instant satisfaction and taking what they can get out of it.

Sleeping with your ex is surely not the way you’ll get over him.

6. By all means, take care of yourself

It’s easy to seek comfort in your ex when you are overwhelmed by feelings, and you’re feeling stressed, anxious and lonely.

It’s part of human nature to concentrate on the good things and pretend like none of the bad things happened.

But they did and all those bad feelings will only get worse if you fall into your ex’s arms or bed again.

To prevent that from happening, you must practice self-care. Find something that soothes your mind, body, and soul.

Put yourself first for a change. You need your alone time to be able to heal and grow.

7. Stop stalking him

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ fits perfectly with the situation you are in. You are self-sabotaging your healing process by constantly cyberstalking or, in worst cases, real-life stalking your ex.

Don’t just delete his number, Facebook, Instagram and everything else that grants you insights into his life.

Block him completely on your phone and from your life.

Keeping track of his whereabouts and looking at his pictures is downright self-torture that you need to quit doing immediately.

The less you know about him, the better you will be.

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