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What Makes You Depressed, According To Your Zodiac

What Makes You Depressed, According To Your Zodiac

What is the one thing that lowers your mood? The thing that can always make you feel lousy and bad about yourself?

You might not know it but in most cases, this is something connected to the zodiac sign you belong to.


You feel down every time there is nothing going on in your life so your depression is usually connected with boredom. You actually enjoy being under pressure because that keeps both your body and mind active and busy and it doesn’t leave you enough time to think about whatever is bothering you.

Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with taking a break from time to time. Just because you sleep in longer or have a rest, it doesn’t mean that you are useless or that you are wasting your day.


If you belong to this zodiac, you’ll be depressed the second something doesn’t turn out as perfect as you planned it to be. You have a hard time accepting that sometimes you have to fail before you succeed and you don’t know how to deal with defeat.

You don’t have to be flawless to be loved. Embrace your imperfect self because that is exactly what makes you unique and special.


Geminis have similar reasons to Taurus to feel depressed. But you are even more extreme than they are.

You literally can’t stay in one place for a long time. You need to travel and the opportunity to explore new people and places like air to breathe. And you’ll never be completely happy until you find someone with the same passions as you.


When you are going through a rough patch, instead of talking to the people close to you about it, you build walls around yourself and decide to deal with your issues on your own. Consequently, that makes you even more depressed.

So, the next time this happens, don’t be afraid to share your emotions with the world. Not everyone will judge you or take advantage of your vulnerable sides.


Holding grudges and past resentments are what keep you up at night. You have a hard time accepting the apologies you never got and moving on from those who have done you harm.

Please, be more forgiving. Make an effort and be strong enough to let go. Leave the past in the past and stop seeking revenge because you are only damaging yourself.


The things which make you depressed is your overthinking and overanalyzing. You want everyone and everything around you to be in perfect order and as soon as something doesn’t go as planned, you think of it as your own failure.

Take a deep breath and do your best to relax. Remember that you are wasting your energy and time on things that don’t have that much significance.


You are rarely depressed when you are in crowded places. But as soon as you remain alone with your thoughts, the situation changes.

All of this happens because you have a tendency to run away from your problems by making sure you are always surrounded by people. Therefore, your troubles pile up and eventually, when you are on your own, they seem way bigger than they actually are.


In contrast with Librans, Scorpios need to have their space and personal time in order to recharge their batteries. And the thing that annoys you the most is having someone you care about but who is too clingy and who doesn’t give you your privacy. When this happens, you feel caged and suffocated and nothing except some one-on-one time can bring you back in balance.


The reason for your depression is usually your lack of selfishness. You are an empath and you simply don’t know how to ignore someone’s pain or problems.

You think too much about other people’s feelings and needs while disregarding yourself. Remember—there is nothing selfish about putting yourself first and it’s about time you start doing so.


If you belong to this zodiac, you are a control freak. You always have to have everything in your hands and as soon as you feel that you are not in charge, you start to panic.

Just for once, go with the flow. Relax and see where life takes you. Yes, it will be difficult at first but you’ll see how liberating this decision will be for your future self.


The main reason for your depression is the people around you. When you argue with someone, they usually misunderstand you and you fail to prove your point. Consequently, sometimes you end up appearing like the bad guy even when your intentions are different.

Stop thinking about the way others interpret you. You know the truth and you know that you’ve given your best and if they don’t understand your intentions, this is their problem.


If you belong to this zodiac, your individuality is one of the most important things about you. And even though you cherish it, the truth is the fact that you always stand out depresses you from time to time.

Don’t ever change yourself for the sake of others. You are who you are and that is exactly the person you should be, despite all social standards.