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What His Cuddling Style Says About His Feelings For You

What His Cuddling Style Says About His Feelings For You

Men are not very vocal and they don’t go around openly expressing their feelings to women; most men anyways.

That’s why the only truth is that their actions speak louder than words.

The way they behave toward you is the first and most important indicator—the way a man treats you, how much he invests in you and the relationship he is building with you.

However, there are some sweeter indicators, like his body language, touches, kisses, and cuddles.

Even when he is unwilling to say anything aloud because he thinks that it will make him less of a man, his cuddling style will speak for him:

Knotted chaos

He does not know exactly what he wants but he wants you there, that’s why his cuddling style is a bit messy.

He wants you close but not too close. So at times, he will try out cuddling positions with you until you find the one that fits perfectly.

If he is as indecisive by nature as he is with cuddling, it might take a while before he reveals his true feelings toward you.

Face to face

Not only is he in love with you but he feels like the luckiest man alive to share that moment with you.

He looks at your face so he can see your reactions while he is gently caressing your arm, he wants to enjoy your smile while you talk and to simply look at you for a while because in his eyes and in his heart there is nobody more beautiful.

More importantly, when a man and a woman are turned face to face toward each other, it’s a sign of trust.

Your head against his chest

He metaphorically and literally keeps you close to his heart. He wants you to feel safe with him and he has this innate and probably subconscious urge to protect you.

He will probably want to take care of you, carry your grocery bags, be your handyman around the house, etc.

When you are involved in some hot action between the sheets, he will want to be on top and be more dominant but there is something great about that, though.

Him leaning on you

His head might be on your chest or in your lap and you are stroking his hair, making him feel comfortable.

If this is his favorite cuddling position, he is saying he needs you. He wants a strong, independent woman he can lean on.

He can come off a bit needy, seeking attention, an ego boost and some guidance. If you are a dominant woman, he is the man for you.

One-armed cuddle

This is a tricky one. He is not into cuddling obviously so he is giving his bare minimum. That has two possible meanings.

The first would be that he recognized that you need to cuddle and wants to make an effort even though it’s not his thing.

The second is not that nice to hear but he might not be that into you so he doesn’t even want to try.

He is spooning you

His favorite cuddle position could be described as curled up body-to-body. It usually involves having your butt just at the right position… pressed against his manhood. And his hands are free to explore up front.

The first thing he is saying by doing this is that he is very much into you sexually.

If he is able to express his emotions by choosing the right actions in other aspects of your relationship, in addition to cuddling, it’s a clear sign that he feels close to you.