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What Kind Of Man You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Man You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

You need a man who will be as strong as you are. Someone who won’t hold you back in achieving your goals and being passionate about the things you love.

You need a man who is successful and who is a workaholic just like you. Only that kind of a man will be able to understand you and accept you because he is the same as you.

You should wait for the man who is free-spirited and adventurous like you and the one who knows how to behave and what to say in different situations.

2. Taurus

You need a man who will be able to accommodate your needs. Someone who will follow you in all those crazy things that you do and someone who will be there for you when you are vulnerable and hurt.

You need your partner to show you that they are madly in love with you and that they commit to you. You never accept to be in an almost relationship, and you run away at the first signs of it.

A man who can win you over needs to love the same things as you and to be ready for some compromise.

3. Gemini

You need a man who will accept you as you are, with all your craziness and playfulness. He has to be honest about his intentions because you don’t put up with any shit in a relationship.

A man of your dreams is someone who is as chatty and adventurous as you but also someone who knows when to not cross the line. He has to be fun and easy going but strong and determined as well.

You need someone strong enough to lift you up when you are down.

4. Cancer

You need a man who is wholehearted and who knows what he wants from a relationship. He has to be someone strong enough to understand your mood changes and someone who will be able to open up to you emotionally like you do to him.

You need a man who will be your best friend and your lover at the same time. Someone who is okay with giving you your freedom but always being there in case you need to cry on his shoulder.

5. Leo

A man of your dreams is someone who is sincere with you. Someone who will tell you even the things you don’t want to hear, but he will tell them for your own sake.

Since you are the queen of the jungle, you will need a man who will be as strong as you. Someone who won’t let you do all those crazy things you would regret later. You simply need someone who will keep you in balance and who will always be your late night call.

If you find a man like that, you can consider yourself lucky because he truly is your guardian angel.

6. Virgo

You are someone who likes to try new things and to meet new people. You enjoy talking with a random man at a bus station or with a cashier at your favorite supermarket.

You are a true people lover, and you need a man who won’t hold you back from doing what you like. You would never accept to be with someone who only wants to keep you in his 4 walls, to have you only for yourself.

Your freedom is one of your priorities, so you would never sacrifice it for your relationship.

7. Libra

You need a man who knows how to love. One who is honest and who doesn’t play mind games just to control you. Most of the time you end up in toxic relationships because you are so sweet and loving, and people take advantage of you.

That’s why your dream man is someone who will give you the same amount of love and affection which you give him. It would be great if he can communicate with you well, so the two of you could have some brainstorming sessions.

8. Scorpio

You need a man who will adore you for who you really are. With your positive energy, you will attract many men, but you need a strong one who won’t take that as a problem.

He has to have a lot of self-esteem and to have his own life totally separate than the one he has with you. You don’t want to lose your freedom for any man, so keeping your private things for yourself is highly important to you.
A man of your dreams needs to be gentle and strong at the same time. But if he really wants to win you over, he will have to have a great sense of humor.

9. Sagittarius

You need a man who will be able to understand you in the first place. Someone who will jump on the first flight with you to Rio De Janeiro or the one who will stay at home with you if you don’t feel like going out.

Your Mr. Right is someone who appreciates you for who you are and who doesn’t want to change anything about you.

He looks at the world through the eyes of a child, but he is strong enough to handle a powerful woman like you.

10. Capricorn

It would be great if you could find a man who has the same outlook on life as you. But in most cases that is not possible. Since you know that, you are modest and you don’t look for too much—just someone who will hold you when you can’t hold yourself and the one who will understand you.

You need a man who will bring positivity into your life and the one who will show you the beautiful words outside of the walls you built around yourself.

11. Aquarius

You need a man who will make you feel good in your own skin. You don’t need a man who will always make you feel guilty for the things you didn’t do and who will forbid you to be yourself.

Your dream man should be open-minded and sensual. You want him to be communicative because in that way, you two can get to know each other much better. With a man who knows how to make your dreams come true, you can transform into a strong woman who gets her strength from the man standing behind her and making sure she is safe.

12. Pisces

If you were born under this zodiac sign, it means that you are emotional and that you want that old movie kind of love.

You cherish all those old values regarding romantic relationships, and you always give yourself all in when you fall for someone. You need a man who will be as honest as you, as sweet and loving as you and who won’t mind going the extra mile to make you happy.

Your dream man doesn’t need to be perfect because you know that perfection doesn’t exist, but once he manages to buy your love with those small things that matter the most, he will become perfect for you.