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This Is How You Get Over An Almost Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac

This Is How You Get Over An Almost Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac

Going through the hell of breaking off an almost relationship, no matter who left whom, is anything but easy.

Nevertheless, it is something most of us have gone through and something we all deal with in a different way.

This is how you handle an almost break-up, according to the zodiac sign you belong to.


If you belong to this zodiac, you get over every failed relationship, including the ones which were almost that, by jumping to someone new right away.

Even though some might say that this is not healthy and that it is not the right way to move on with your life, the truth is that this method works for you just fine.

Once you meet a new person, you simply don’t have the time to think about your heartbreak and before you know it, you forget it ever happened.


Being as stubborn as you are, you consider every suffering as your personal defeat.

You repress your emotions and you don’t allow yourself to be sad because you think of it as a sign of weakness.

You have as your goal to get back on your feet as soon as possible and to prove to yourself that nobody can conquer you.


Instead of seeing the end of your almost relationship as the end of the world, you try your best to learn from it and to see it as a valuable lesson.

You start thinking of this relationship as good practice for something serious that will come along in the future.


When it comes to the way you get over an almost relationship, you do it the old-fashioned way.

You don’t sleep, you don’t eat and you beat yourself up about everything that has happened.

However, this is not a bad thing—you give yourself time to grieve and an opportunity to kick all the sadness out of your system.


If you are a Leo, you get over an almost relationship by cutting all ties with your ex.

You delete all of your pictures together, you block them everywhere and you avoid all the places in which you might possibly encounter them.


Similar to everything in life, you rationalize things when your almost relationship ends.

You put all of your ex’s negative characteristics on a piece of paper and you force yourself to realize why things between the two of you would have never worked out even if you’d stayed together.


Once your almost relationships ends, you immediately start blaming yourself for things going downhill.

You reread all of your old texts and you replay your entire relationship back in your mind, trying to figure out if there was something you could’ve done differently.

Instead of beating yourself up, please try remembering that some things aren’t meant to be and that this break-up cannot be exclusively your fault.


The way you try to get over your almost relationship is by turning to partying, alcohol and meaningless sex.

Instead of assuming that this toxic lifestyle will help you heal, be aware that this is not a way to fill the void that your almost ex has left behind.

Instead, it can only be counterproductive and it can only deepen your pain the moment you sober up and have to face everything that went on.


When your almost relationship breaks apart, you look for comfort in work.

Even though self-improvement is always a good thing, it is not a way of running away from your problems.

Just because you keep yourself busy all the time won’t make your pain magically go away, as much as you want it to.


You are not someone who laments the way things ended or the fact that you could never reach a real committed relationship with your ex.

Instead, you feel sorry for ever letting them in, in the first place.

You blame yourself for not knowing better and you can’t forgive yourself for allowing the wrong person to break your walls.


If you are this zodiac sign, you seek comfort in friends.

You go on and on about your ex and about your past relationship to the point where you bore the hell out of everyone.

However, if these are the people who really love you, they’ll understand that this is your way of healing and of kicking out all of your sadness.


No matter what type of romantic relationship we’re talking about here, the biggest problem you have with break-ups is that you don’t accept them.

At first, you live in denial and you expect your ex to come back and then for a long time, you continue living in the past, thinking about all the ways you could get back together with them.