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What To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period: 13 Must DOs

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period: 13 Must DOs

Dear men, do you think bringing your lady chocolate during that time of the month is bound to solve all her problems and make her feel better? If you responded with Yes, I’ll give you a minute to think again. 😂

Dealing with mood swings, the most unusual cravings, bloating, and tons of other menstruation-related things sounds like a nightmare to every single guy on earth. (Worry not, we totally understand, but you still need to step up your game.)

Several guys know exactly what to do during their girlfriend’s menstrual cycle, and their women are grateful for that. There are also guys who have no idea what to do when their girlfriend is on her period.

Do you know what to do when your girlfriend is on her period? If not, today we’ll change that.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period

If you’re not really sure how to treat your girlfriend when she’s on her period, here are the things you should pay attention to:


Whenever I’m on my period, I have the weirdest food cravings (e.g., pineapple and milk) that drive my bae crazy. Do you know what’s the best of all? When he ACTUALLY asks me what I want to eat and makes sure to bring it home.

As we all know, food plays an important role when a woman is on her period. If you want to be the best boyfriend ever, then make sure to prepare some dark chocolate, tons of ice cream (maybe some pineapples?), and her majesty: pizza.

Keep track of the food she enjoys eating when she’s on her period so that you can surprise her in the future (when her next period starts).

2. Let her know that you’re aware of her hormonal changes

I don’t know about other women, but when I’m on my period, I literally feel like a crazy woman all men want to avoid dealing with. Hormonal changes are not something we should take lightly because they have a huge impact on our behavior and mood.

If you notice that she’s started acting a little bit weirder than usual, don’t blame her for it. Instead, let her know that you’re aware of her hormonal changes.

Be supportive and show understanding for her condition because periods DON’T LAST FOREVER, and her negative emotions are the result of her periods. Make sure to tell her that, too, because we often think that we’ll be crazy forever when we’re on our periods.

3. Be comfortable with menstruation talk

I’m aware that many guys are scared of talking about menstruation. I have the feeling that they’re actually scared of saying something they shouldn’t and thus making their girlfriends feel even worse.

Worry not, your fear is waiting for you to overcome it! 😄

A simple talk about periods can be one of the most comforting things (after chocolate, of course) to your girlfriend. What I wanted to say is that talking about menstruation with your girlfriend is a simple way to show her how much you care.

After all, she just needs someone to understand what she’s going through when she’s on her period. When you’re familiar with how her mind and body function during that time of the month, it will be easier for you to support her.

4. Learn to give her space when needed

If you’re wondering about what to do when your girlfriend is on her period, and she’s evidently in a bad mood, then just give her some space. This is probably one of the most confusing things to guys, and I completely understand. So, allow me to elaborate.

One moment, she wants to cuddle with you, and then the next, she’s upset and doesn’t want you to touch her. She asks you to bring her chocolate and then gets mad because she thinks she shouldn’t eat so much chocolate when she’s supposed to be on a diet.

The million-dollar question: What should you do when you have no idea what to do?

The million-dollar answer: Learn to give her space when needed.

Learn her triggers and keep track of her mood. If your gut is telling you that she needs some space, listen to it (your gut) and do it accordingly.

5. Learn when to initiate physical contact

If you’re wondering how to comfort a girl on her period, I have two words for you: CUDDLE SESSIONS. But before doing anything, first learn when to initiate physical contact.

Sometimes, your girlfriend will just want to be left alone. That’s when you shouldn’t initiate any kind of physical contact because it’s just not the right time.

Here’s my most valuable relationship advice: Let her initiate physical contact when she’s on her period.

If your girlfriend is interested in cuddling, she will come closer to you, or she will ask you to hug her and snuggle on the couch. However, sometimes she won’t initiate physical contact, but she will wait for you to figure it out on your own.

I admit that we women are complicated (especially when on our periods).

6. Be thoughtful and sensitive to her needs

Remember that a hot water bottle, Advil, and chocolate, are the most popular period cramps and mood remedies. Be thoughtful and sensitive to her needs because that’s exactly what she needs from you when she’s on her period.

Your girlfriend wants to know that she can rely on you when she doesn’t feel okay. So, the least you can do is ask her from time to time questions like:

• How are you feeling?

• Do you need something?

• How can I make you feel better?

It’s really easy to be thoughtful when you genuinely care about someone, and your girlfriend knows this too. It’s also easy to be caring toward someone on normal days, but it takes courage to be caring and sensitive to her needs during that time of the month.

7. Period sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic

Lots of women have been known to have increased arousal when on their periods than on normal days. Also, period sex alleviates period pains, which means it’s a natural painkiller and endorphin releaser.

I think the above two arguments are enough for you to consider practicing period sex. Well, first, you need to make sure that she’s interested in having sex while on her period.

I’m sure you don’t want to be too pushy or inconsiderate. So, I suggest having an open and honest conversation with her about it.

8. Buy sanitary pads without her asking you to

One of the most touching gestures from my boyfriend so far was when he bought me tampons without asking me whether I needed them in the first place. I was literally shocked by his level of thoughtfulness and care.

So, if you want to make your girlfriend feel extra special while she’s on her period, consider buying sanitary pads without her asking you to. You can do this before her period starts or during her period.

I’m sure she’ll be so grateful to you for this thoughtful gesture. Pro tip: I also recommend buying her some beautiful flowers to brighten her “period day.”


When I’m on my period, the worst thing I have to deal with is lower back pain. Therefore, backrubs and massages are more than welcome during this period.

Not a single girlfriend (including yours) would ever refuse a massage from her boyfriend, especially when on her period. Giving her a massage will help her relax, improve her mood and alleviate pain.

In a nutshell, giving your girlfriend a massage will make her feel better, and, who knows, maybe after that, she’ll be interested in something more (hint: period sex).

Just make sure that you have realistic expectations so that you don’t get disappointed. That’s my #2 most helpful piece of relationship advice.

10. Help her with tasks and chores

Doing the dishes while trying to survive period cramps? No, thanks. Doing laundry while on my period? I don’t think so.

When I’m on my period, I postpone doing lots of tasks and chores until I start feeling better. I don’t want to exhaust myself because I need to preserve energy so that I can deal with the period’s challenges.

My question to you, dear men: Is there any better way to make your girlfriend feel better on her period than by helping her with tasks and chores?

I bet there isn’t. Instead of just buying her chocolate, offer to help her with chores and everyday tasks. She’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.

11. Listen to her

Are you still wondering what to do when your girlfriend is on her period? If all else fails, then just listen to her. Just kidding! 😂 You should listen to her regardless.

We, women, like to feel understood by our men. Let me rephrase this: We like to feel understood and heard when we’re on our periods (and also when we’re not).

Just by listening to her, you’re letting her know that you’re there for her. You’ll let her know that you’re not one of those men who run and hide in their man caves when things in life get complicated.

So, be a real man, hold her hand, hug her, and listen to her. You have no idea how much this means to us during that time of the month. Well, now you do.

12. Keep her occupied with fun activities

Periods are exhausting, and it’s really hard to maintain a good mood for too long. That’s why you should keep your lady occupied with fun activities!

Just make sure that these fun activities are not things that require too much effort. For example, going to fancy dinners while she’s on her period is out of the question if you ask me. Board games, video games, drawing, or dancing are acceptable fun activities while on a period.

Texting games for couples are also a great way to keep her occupied and add some fun to the equation. If you’re not really sure which one to choose, then ask her to suggest a few ideas.

13. Arm yourself with patience

This one tip is the most difficult of all because it’s really hard to be patient when your girlfriend is on her period. It hurts you to see her in pain and dealing with mood swings. You just want to make these symptoms disappear, but you don’t know how.

Lucky you because periods don’t last forever. No matter how hard the situation is, I suggest arming yourself with patience.

Don’t argue with her, and don’t make her feel like she’s difficult to be around (even if this is true).

Here’s something you need to remember every time she’s on her period: We women often feel like burdens during that time of the month. We wish we could find a way to make our period symptoms magically disappear, but that’s not possible.

When you know that, it will be easier for you to be patient with your lady and know exactly what to do when your girlfriend is on her period.

What Not To Do When Your Girlfriend Is On Her Period

Well, you definitely shouldn’t force her to be social if she doesn’t feel like it, and you shouldn’t discuss serious issues while she’s on her period. Here’s a list of things you should NEVER do when your girlfriend is on her period:

DON’T ask her whether she has PMS

When you ask a woman whether she’s got PMS, she’ll instantly be offended because it feels like you’re accusing her of something that is a biological process, and we have no control over it. So, do yourself a favor and don’t EVER ask her whether she’s PMS-ing (unless you’re in the mood to argue with her, which is not recommended).

Every man knows that asking a woman this question will make her extra sensitive and put her into “crazy woman” mode within seconds.

Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

Don’t play with a woman with PMS if you don’t want to make things even worse.

Don’t force her to be a social butterfly

When we’re on our periods, the last thing on our minds is dressing up and being social butterflies. So, don’t force her to be something she doesn’t enjoy being at the moment.

Instead, suggest watching her favorite movies and cuddling on the couch. When she’s not in the mood to do something, don’t judge her for it but show understanding. She’ll appreciate that.

Don’t take things too seriously

Remember that periods last only a couple of days, and it’s a biological process (that can be pretty exhausting). No matter what happens during that time of the month, don’t take things too seriously. I understand that this is easier said than done but at least try not to take it too seriously.

She might say something she didn’t mean or do something she would never do on normal days, so keep in mind that she’s not doing any of it on purpose.

Don’t discuss serious issues

I’m pretty sure your girlfriend wouldn’t be interested in discussing your financial situation while dealing with terrible cramps. So, stay away from discussing serious issues while she’s on her period.

She will not be able to give you valid feedback, and she will not have the energy to argue about something serious. Therefore, save those serious topics for normal days.

Don’t pretend to be a comedian

I understand that you want to make your girl feel better, but don’t try to be too funny because that will most certainly annoy her. By being too funny, I mean cracking too many jokes and constantly trying to make her laugh.

Don’t pretend to be a comedian – be her boyfriend. You can try to make her laugh from time to time but don’t force things. If you do, she’ll get annoyed, and your efforts to make her feel better will be in vain.

Good luck!

Whenever you’re unsure about what to do when your girlfriend is on her period, it’s better to do nothing than do something you shouldn’t and make things even worse.

Take this as advice from a woman (who also has periods and who knows how complicated things can be during that time of the month).

Don’t worry too much, be patient, and always be prepared for the worst.

I like to compare periods with washing curly hair. You just wash your curly hair and hope for the best because you never know the outcome (how it’s going to look).

When your girlfriend is on her period, sometimes you’ll just do random things and hope for the best. I wish you the best of luck and lots of fun!