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15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

Finding a person who both attracts and suits you at the same time is hard for both sexes.

Nevertheless, even when you find a woman you’re compatible with, with whom you can see yourself next to, and who is ready to commit and maintain a healthy relationship is even more difficult.

First and foremost, you need to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

Despite all the love you and your girlfriend might feel for each other, there will always be some disagreements and arguments between the two of you.

However, working on these issues in a healthy and productive way is what makes a relationship successful and worth fighting for.

Remember that a union between two people, no matter its nature, is always a two-way street and that it requires both of the partners to invest their maximum effort in making things work.

So, what do women actually want in men? What exactly are the things every guy should pay attention to when in a romantic relationship?

What can you do to improve the quality of your relationship?

How can you attain a balance between pleasing your significant other without losing yourself in the process?

What is the magic formula for making both your girlfriend and yourself happy? What does it take for you to be the best boyfriend ever?

If these are some of the questions running through your head, all you have to do is carefully follow these 15 simple tips and pieces of relationship advice for men, and I assure you that all of your confusion will be cleared up in no time.

1. Take her feelings into consideration

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

Most men have the tendency to disregard their better halves’ emotions.

Since men often view things way differently than women, you might easily find yourself in a situation where you can’t understand why she’s making such a fuss over something completely irrelevant for you.

However, the last thing you should be doing is telling your girlfriend that she is overreacting.

The truth is that something you’ve said or done has hurt her or made her angry, and you not feeling the same way about that event won’t make her negative emotions go away.

So instead of constantly accusing your partner of being overly emotional or too sensitive (especially if you’re dating a pregnant woman), always do your best to take her feelings into consideration and try to get at the bottom of the problem.

Don’t invalidate her feelings because that will make her feel like she is the crazy one or that her emotions are silly or unnecessary.

The best thing you can do is try to look at things from her perspective because that is the only way towards the solution of the problem (especially when your girlfriend is on her period).

I’m not saying that you ought to apologize for something you don’t feel guilty of, but what you can do is show that you care for the way she feels and that you will do everything in your power to comfort her.

2. Listen to her

If you want to have a successful relationship, you can’t be just your girlfriend’s lover—she needs to know that you’re also her best friend and partner in all life segments.

That means that she can rely on you and most importantly, that she can tell you everything.

Even though men are usually not as good listeners as women, one of the most important pieces of relationship advice for men is to put an effort to be a good listener.

Besides learning more about your girlfriend, you’ll also show that you’re interested in her as a person and that you see her as more than a sex object.

To be frank, I’m not saying that you’ll always be fully interested in hearing what she has to say.

However, always have in mind that you’re her person of trust and be grateful that she wants to share every little detail about her day and life in general with you.

When she asks for advice, don’t hesitate in giving her your opinion about things, but don’t impose your decisions on her.

Just show her that you’re there for her, that she can always come to you with whatever is bothering her, and that you’ll never be too busy or too tired to just listen to her.

3. Be honest

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

Even though this is something that should be implied and expected, one of the pieces of relationship advice for men many guys have to be reminded of is to be honest with their romantic partners in all situations.

Remember that the worst truth is always better than any lie.

Sometimes, you might have the urge to protect your girlfriend from something or keep a secret from her just to avoid unnecessary arguments but trust me—this case scenario never goes well.

Sooner or later, the truth will come out, and she’ll be mad and hurt when she finds out about it because she’ll feel like you’ve tried playing her for a fool.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that you ought to talk to your girlfriend about things such as all the juicy details from your past relationships, that you are duty-bound to share your friends’ secrets with her or that you should tell her that she doesn’t look good in that dress she just bought.

However, everything that is closely connected to you and which can have an impact on your relationship needs to be out on the table.

You might not see it at first, but eventually, you’ll notice that your girlfriend appreciates you more for your honesty.

This quality of yours will show her that you’re not the man who runs away from problems and that you value her enough to know that she can always handle the harshest truths.

4. Pay attention to the little things

When a woman loves you, she won’t ask for fancy gifts, or for you to throw some big romantic surprises for her all the time.

Nevertheless, she will want to see that you know the real her and that you’ve been paying attention to her throughout your entire relationship.

That is exactly why one of the greatest pieces of relationship advice for men is to pay attention to details, which you mostly fail to do.

You will, without a doubt, make your girlfriend smile when you notice the slightest change about her, when you remember the name of her childhood best friend, and when you put some effort into finding out more about her taste in music and other things. (Or when you surprise her with one of those romantic bedtime stories.)

She will be more than happy when her birthday gift is something she mentioned she’d like having a while ago.

This way, you’ll show her that she is important to you and that everything she says and does matters.

5. Don’t take her for granted

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

One of the worst mistakes many couples in long-term relationships start doing after a while is taking each other for granted.

This happens because most people get used to having the other person by their side, and over time, they become assured that their partner isn’t going anywhere, no matter what they do.

Well, if you’re looking for effective relationship advice, taking your girlfriend for granted and being convinced that there is nothing you could do to make her stop loving you should never be an option.

Please, just don’t be one of those guys who don’t realize how unique a woman they have next to them until they lose her for good and until it becomes too late to change anything.

Instead, a key to a happy relationship with a woman is to always show her that you appreciate her feelings and the effort she is putting into your relationship.

Never stop trying to win her over and reminding her what butterflies feel like, no matter how long the two of you’ve been together.

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6. Give her your undivided attention

The truth is that we all live busy lives, and it is perfectly natural if there are times when you’re simply too tired to see your girl.

Nevertheless, it is one thing if cancelling plans happens once in a million years for a good reason.

It is completely different if it becomes a habit of yours and that you stand her up the moment someone else calls you to hang out.

No girl wants to beg for her boyfriend’s love and attention nor to feel emotionally neglected next.

They all want to be desired, loved, and wanted, and it is your job to make your better half feel this way.

The way to do it is to give her your undivided attention and to put her at the top of your priority list.

This doesn’t mean that you must spend every second of your free time with her, that you’re not allowed to have friends or your personal space—it only means that she needs to feel that you’re there and fully present when you’re with her.

Don’t make this girl feel like she is your last resort and that you only come to her when everyone else in your life has plans.

Don’t make her feel like she has to chase you to spend time with her or as if she’s forcing you to be with her.

7. Don’t be afraid of communication

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

You know how you can’t read a girl’s mind and guess everything that is going through her head? Well, it works both ways.

One of the most important pieces of relationship advice for men you simply have to follow if you want to improve your love life is not to run away from communication with your better half.

Be clear about literally everything—about your feelings, your fears, thoughts and things that bother you in the relationship.

You probably think that being overly emotional will endanger your role of an alpha male or that it will make you look weak, but actually, it is the other way around. t will show your partner that you’re strong enough to deal with your inner self, that you trust her enough to show your vulnerable side, and most importantly, that you’re a mature man who knows how to verbally express himself.

Honest communication is one of the pillars of every relationship.

That is why you have to forget about sending mixed signals or playing any mind games because that is never a way of resolving any problems.

When there is something you don’t like in your relationship, don’t be afraid to spill it out.

Remember that a productive argument is always better than pretending everything is in perfect order when it’s not.

8.Always respect her

No matter what happens in your relationship, one of the things that you should never even think of doing is disrespecting your girlfriend because respect is one of the most obvious signs of love.

This means that you are never entitled to belittle or insult your loved one in any way or to act as if you’re above her.

In addition to remembering that the two of you are equal partners of this union, also have in mind that this girl is an individual and a woman before being your girlfriend.

Therefore, you don’t have the right to treat her like she is inferior to you.

You have no right to control her or to order her what to do, despite you being convinced that you are the one who knows what’s best for her.

Even when the two of you fight or when you disagree on something, bear in mind not to cross any boundaries and to always show her a certain amount of respect.

Don’t say or do anything you might regret later just because you were in the heat of an argument.

9. Make her feel safe

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

Immature girls who don’t know what they want enjoy chasing and playing games.

On the other hand, mature women always demand to know where they stand, otherwise they won’t waste their time on you.

When you look for dating advice, you might hear someone tell you to be mysterious and not to put all your cards on the table right away.

However, when it comes to relationship advice for men, the answer is never to make your girl worry about losing you or to make her question your feelings.

Instead of doubting your relationship and constantly cracking her mind open about what might happen next, what you should do is make her girlfriend feel secure next to you.

I’m not talking about financial or physical security here—I’m talking about you showing her that you aren’t going anywhere and that nothing and nobody could ever come between you two.

Let’s face it—nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, let alone in a few years, but being in a committed relationship means promising the other person that you’re remaining by their side, no matter what.

It means being her safe haven, and it means that your love should feel like home for her.

10. Be faithful

This is another thing that should be understood from the start but also a piece of relationship advice for men that can’t be stressed enough: be faithful to your girlfriend.

Remember that cheating is much more than sleeping with someone else and that there are tons of behaviors which are seen as red flags in a monogamous relationship.

First and foremost, don’t give her a reason to doubt you. Don’t lie to her. Don’t hide your cell phone.

Delete all of your dating apps because online dating is not acceptable.

The truth is that nobody can guarantee you that one day, all of a sudden, you won’t fall like crazy for another woman.

Nevertheless, even if that happens, be fair and respectful.

Walk away from your current relationship because a breakup certainly hurts less than finding out that someone was cheating on you behind your back.

Don’t humiliate your girlfriend by seeking comfort in other women, trying to look for the things you miss in your relationship because that is not a valid excuse for infidelity.

If there is something wrong between the two of you, work on your issues because cheating will only make things worse, and it is something you’ll surely regret doing sooner or later.

11. Don’t repeat your mistakes

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

When a woman loves you, she will forgive you for many things, including the mistakes she knows she shouldn’t tolerate.

However, her ability to forgive has its limits, and one day, she’ll have enough of giving you endless second chances.

That is why one of the important pieces of relationship advice for men is not to repeat your mistakes.

If you’re aware that you’ve hurt your girlfriend by doing something in the past and if the two of you luckily found a way of sorting things out, why blow the opportunity you’ve got and do the same thing all over again?

No matter how much a girl loves you, don’t count on the fact that she’ll forever pretend to be blind when it comes to your errors.

Make things right in time before she stops making excuses for you and before she gets tired of your shitty behavior.

12. Don’t be possessive or clingy

Jealousy is one of the most common relationship-killers, and that is why a piece of relationship advice for men—and women by the way—is never to be overly possessive toward their partners.

You like this girl, and it is natural that you’re afraid of losing her, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to restrain her in any way.

Despite your girlfriend being included in most areas of your life, both of you should also have your individual interests which don’t include each other.

You should hang out with your friends and family, and have enough personal space and alone time.

Besides being important for the health of your relationship, all of these things are crucial for one’s mental health, as well.

A relationship is not a jail and neither of the partners should feel trapped or caged in it.

Therefore, trying to control your girl’s every move and showing her that you feel endangered by every other male in her surroundings is a big turn off, and it makes you look insecure.

Also, being too clingy and needy is never attractive.

Don’t be cold or distant, but showing your other half that you are completely emotionally dependent on her will make her feel pressured and can only push her away.

13. Don’t try changing her

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

Another piece of relationship advice for men and women is not to put an effort into changing their significant other.

Of course, when you’re in a relationship, you both need to be ready to compromise and to meet each other halfway, but that doesn’t include turning your partner into a completely different person just so you would like them more.

You’re not perfect, and you’ll never find a flawless woman who matches each one of your standards.

You need to be prepared to tolerate some things you don’t like about your romantic partner for the sake of your relationship.

That is exactly why it is crucial for you to think things through before starting a new relationship.

Is this the person you see yourself with? Do you consider the two of you compatible? Is she someone you could get along with?

If answers to some of these questions are negative, you either have the option of accepting this girl for who she really is or walking away in time.

Don’t expect her to magically transform into another woman with time because this approach will only bring loads of frustration to both of you, and sooner or later, if will be the cause of your break up.

14. Show affection

If you’re looking for pieces of powerful relationship advice for men, one of them is never to forget to show affection to your girlfriend.

I’m not saying that the two of you should be all over each other in public, but holding hands and an occasional kiss and a hug is always nice and will make her feel loved and secure.

Public displays of affection will show your girl that you’re more than proud of having her and that you in no way hide her from the world.

Also, keep in mind that affection is much more than sex.

Even though a healthy sex life is one of the preconditions of a healthy relationship, show your understanding if your girlfriend is not in the mood for action and when she prefers to cuddle and sleep peacefully next to you, without anything sexual happening.

Physical touch and closeness is a way of forming a stronger bond between two people who love each other.

Take time to be intimate with your girlfriend besides having sex with her—hold her in your arms or just spend some time being completely silent and doing nothing, while looking each other deeply in the eyes.

15.Love her wholeheartedly

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men

All of these pieces of relationship advice for men you’ve just read don’t mean a thing, and they are not guarantees that your relationship will succeed unless the most important foundation exists: mutual love.

Love isn’t enough if there are no other things such as respect, compromise, appreciation, and compatibility, but love has to be present in a romantic relationship.

Love between a man and a woman has its different stages.

At first, you’re crazy in love and then, when some of the initial passion fades away, what remains are true emotions.

However, whatever the stage of your relationship, your girlfriend needs to know that you love her unconditionally with all of your heart because there is no point in giving someone your half-assed love, holding some parts of yourself back or not letting the other person all the way in.

15 Dating Tips And Pieces of Relationship Advice For Men