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When A Strong Woman Is Done, She Never Replies Again

When A Strong Woman Is Done, She Never Replies Again

You want to be with this woman. Believe me, she is everything you’ve ever wished for. But men sometimes make stupid mistakes.

Men sometimes don’t see what’s in front of them until they lose it. Then they have regrets.

Then they want her back. Then they fight for her. Sadly then, it’s too late.

Strong women don’t give second chances.

It’s human to make mistakes. People are screw-ups, and pretty much everything they do, they do wrong.

But, that’s fine. No one was born perfect.

You can live your life like this.

You can make one mistake after another, but the question is, are you always going to land on someone who is willing to give you another chance?

Why can’t you recognize that the best relationship of your life is with the girl who doesn’t need you ?

Instead of seeing that while it’s happening, instead of admitting to yourself that the woman standing in front of you, just the way she is, is the best thing that will ever happen to you, you let her go.

You lose her, and then you want her back.

Instead of letting her go, do the smart thing, and try to keep her. You’ll do yourself a favor.

After all the wrong relationships, you’re finally in the right one. You won’t beat yourself up when you lose her for not trying hard enough to let her stay.

Don’t make the same mistakes all over again and…

Try hard from the start.

Take the initiative. Be the one who starts things. If you like her, walk up to her, and let her know that that you want to be with her.

You’ll get nowhere by hiding behind walls, just looking at her, wishing she’ll come to you first.

She probably will because she is that confident. But the thing is, strong women are attracted by strong men.

Sooner or later, she’ll see that you don’t have it in you, and she’ll leave.

She won’t waste her time on a relationship that doesn’t have a future.

If you’re already in a relationship with her, be honest with her from the start. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

She’ll see right through you. You can’t fool her. Tell her what you want and expect from her.

Never play games.

Strong women are not fans of men like that. If you want to keep her by your side, never play hard to get.

She is independent and confident enough to find another man in her life. She doesn’t need you.

You can be there by her side. You can enjoy her love, and you can turn your life into a fairy tale.

Or, you can choose to do the opposite. You can play hard to get and risk losing her for good.

If a strong woman senses that you’re distancing yourself from her, she won’t stick around for long to find out why. She’ll leave and move on—more quickly than you thought.

Let your feelings out.

Strong women have more respect for men who wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Strong women are not ashamed for what they are and how they feel, and they want the men by their sides to be nothing less than that.

Show your soft side; show that you’re not just a macho type. She wants to see the depth of you.

She wants to feel you and see who you really are.

Strong women recognize the red flag signs of insecurity in a man , and they never take a chance.

They don’t want an immature man pretending to be something he is not. They refuse to know, let alone date, that kind of man.

You overprotect her.

If you try to protect her from everything, she’ll never learn things on her own. Strong women don’t run away from challenges.

Strong women are not afraid of getting hurt or being faced with difficulties.

They are aware that if there is always someone by their side who will jump in and solve the problem with the snap of their fingers, they are not going to be capable of dealing with their stuff when there is no one there to help.

Let her solve her problems on her own. Let her live her life. Be there, but don’t try to be the hero. She is her own hero.

Treat her with the respect she deserves.

Strong women don’t look at people in a relationship as dominant and submissive. She looks at the both of you as two equals.

She treats you in the same manner she would treat anyone she likes. She’ll respect you because she respects herself.

So, she expects the same from you. She wants to be treated the way she deserves.

She wants to be treated the same way she treats you.

If you want to keep her, then respect her boundaries, and never make her do something she doesn’t want.

Tone down the neediness.

If you’re too weak for her, if you ask a lot and give less in return, she’ll let you go.

She won’t waste her life on a weak person who isn’t able to fight for the things he needs, a man who can’t live on his own and fight his own battles.

Set neediness aside if you want to keep a strong woman. You have to be a man bigger than her if you want her to love and respect you.