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When Your Man Doesn’t Value You, He Deserves To Lose You

When Your Man Doesn’t Value You, He Deserves To Lose You

One of the most integral aspects of a successful and long-term romantic relationship has got to be mutual respect.

Without being valued and respected by your partner, what do you really have left?

You can fool yourself all you want but when your man doesn’t value you, your relationship lacks the substance that is needed to keep it alive and to keep you both happy and fulfilled.

Love is a miraculous thing. It brings you indescribable joy, fulfillment and that feeling of always having a rock in life who you know will lift you up when you’re down.

You know that you have a partner for life and for as long as there is mutual trust, respect and consideration, your relationship can only blossom from there.

But when your man takes you for granted, doesn’t value you or your feelings and couldn’t care less about what you have to say, honey, it’s time for him to experience the profound pain of losing you!

When your man doesn’t value you, it means he’s always going to put his needs before your own.

This man thinks that the world revolves around him and whatever you do or say is not going to change his selfish, sorry ass.

The decisions he makes are only those that benefit him and he doesn’t take into consideration how you feel about it and nor does he care.

He values himself above anyone else and that is most likely not going to change.

So instead of trying to make him value you when he clearly has no interest in doing so, walk away and show him you don’t give a fuck!

When your man doesn’t value you, he’ll never really care how his words affect you.

A man who doesn’t value you is never going to care about being kind and gentle with you.

He is never going to stop and think about if he might have been too harsh or too brutal.

He just doesn’t care! You could be breaking apart on the inside, hiding your tears and sorrow and putting a brave face on just for him… and he’ll never notice and he’ll never care to.

No matter how tough you may think you are or how much you think you can endure, nobody deserves a man who doesn’t give a crap about how he makes you feel!

Your partner is your rock and if he turns out to be the reason for your tears, the only thing he deserves is to see your ass walking out that door and you never looking back!

When your man doesn’t value you, he’s never going to let you be right.

This man cannot fathom the fact of anyone but him being right.

It’s like whatever he says is supposed to be taken as if it’s the word of God and no matter how clearly wrong he is, you are expected to go along with it.

You can’t have a good idea and whenever you try to offer your side of things, you’re shoved to the side.

It’s really frustrating being with a guy who’s incapable of admitting to being wrong at times and that is only proof of his weak character.

You most definitely don’t need a man like that who’s never going to admit when you’re right and he’s wrong.

If he’s so oblivious to you and your smart words, make him see you’ll no longer tolerate it and leave. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

When your man doesn’t value you, there is no room for trust in the relationship.

Trust is one of the fundamental factors in a relationship.

You have to be able to have the utmost trust in the person you’ve chosen to spend your time with.

And when you’re with a man who cannot value you or respect you, how can you really trust him?

All he does is minimize your needs and make you feel like you’re insignificant.

He doesn’t care to give you the right of speech and he doesn’t even pretend to care about what you have to say.

When you’re with this kind of man, your secrets and your passions are never going to be safe.

Whatever you tell him, there’s a risk of him blabbing his mouth off.

Do you want to be in a relationship where you feel like you have to hide a part of you so that it can stay your own?

With this guy, it’s never going to be any different. It’s time to see this now, before things get even messier.

Don’t let a guy who doesn’t appreciate you dictate your life! Be your own boss. Decide for yourself.

Choose your own path and never let a weak, insecure man diminish your worth.

Show him what it’s like losing a woman like you, because only when he loses you will he realize what a gem he had the whole time and gambled away.

It will kill him to see you thriving without him, which is exactly why you need to leave and focus on your amazing self!