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Which Zodiac Couples Are Meant to Be… And Who’s Breaking Up?

Which Zodiac Couples Are Meant to Be… And Who’s Breaking Up?

Aries and Libra

This zodiac match is two people who will fall head over heels in love as soon as they see each other and who will become a couple in a short time.

They are people who are not only lovers but also best friends, and their love is pure and strong.

When they walk into a room, you can feel the positive energy, and you see that they are not wearing masks but that they really care deeply for each other.

They like to spend their free time together, but they also give each other time to spend it with the people they love.

There is a high level of mutual understanding in their relationship, and they always go the extra mile to make each other happy.

Taurus and Cancer

Stubborn Taurus and emotional Cancer are definitely a bad match, and that is seen from the start of their relationship.

When they start a relationship they try to spend a lot of time together like all couples, but the problem occurs when they have to make a decision.

They simply don’t have the same outlook on life, and they fight about which opinion is correct.

When they fight, they forget about the feelings of their partner, and they would do anything to prove themselves right.

This combination is good for a short-term relationship, but they simply don’t have a positive future with this attitude.

Gemini and Aquarius

This is a couple made in heaven! They were born for each other.

They are so cute when they finish each other’s sentences and when they call each other by some cute nicknames.

They are people who will click from the first moment, and their love will be deep and unconditional as long as they live.

They feel enormous empathy for each other, so when one partner is sad, the other one is trying to make them feel better.

They don’t act selfishly in a relationship, and they always tell their partner that they should also devote some time to their friends and family.

They are a perfect match because they know that sometimes people can make mistakes but that if they are willing to work on correcting them, they will eventually be okay.

Cancer and Pisces

Who would say an emotional and sensitive Cancer wouldn’t get along with his partner in a love relationship?

But that is always the case if they date Pisces.

The catch is that this couple has incredible chemistry, but when something is not as they wish it, they simply go crazy.

In this relationship, Cancer loves to get love and attention while Pisces lives in their own world and try to satisfy their needs.

Step by step they come to the breaking point, and they can’t move forward.

If they stay together, their relationship would turn toxic, and that wouldn’t be good for either of them.

That’s why this zodiac combination never stays together for a long time.

But the most important thing is that they don’t have hard feelings, and they always stay friends afterward.

Leo and Capricorn

The King of the Jungle gets along with capable Capricorn because they both love power and success.

They don’t mind working hard, but they like to be given credit for their hard work.

They are both very professional, and they like to be the best in what they do.

In love, they are not selfish, so they would do anything to make their partner happy if they are happy as well.

The thing is that they can’t think about other people’s problems until they solve theirs.

They always push each other to become the best version of themselves and get pretty proud and happy when they see the results.

They like to show off with their partner’s success, so you will often see them talking about their partner to their friends or coworkers.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Sensitive Virgo always seeks a partner who will love them more than anything, but they surely can’t find it in Sag.

Sag is more stubborn and takes care of themselves and their wishes. You need to be very special to them to make them go the extra mile for you.

This couple makes amazing friends, but in love, they always fight and cause stress to each other.

They can date for one month or so because after that, they start taking each other for granted, and they behave badly.

Both of them are pretty stubborn when it gets to love, and in the event they make a mistake, they will never admit that they are guilty.

Their fights are always pretty rough, and in some cases, their friends need to interfere to prevent them from killing each other.

The good thing is that once they break up, they don’t contact each other anymore and leave it all in the past.

Libra and Cancer

Both Libra and Cancer are pretty emotional and sensitive, and that helps them to keep their love alive.

When they love, they give all in, and they would do anything for their partner’s happiness.

When you see them, their love will remind you of that vintage kind of love, and it is so sweet to see them happy since a love like that doesn’t happen so often.

Except for the fact they are best friends to each other, they make amazing lovers, and you can definitely feel their love every time you are with them.

It isn’t that they don’t have problems, but they are always willing to sit down and talk about them.

They don’t hold grudges, solving problems as soon as possible so they can enjoy their love afterward.

Scorpio and Aries

This combo is definitely not a good love combination, and they are aware of that.

The catch is that they can spend some great time together, so they always stick to each other.

Sometimes they are together and sometimes they break up, but most of the time they fight about who is right.

Their fights are pretty energetic, and if they have problems, they won’t wait to go home to solve them but will fight in front of their friends and in that way, bring them to the awkward situation.

It is true that their love is pretty strong at the beginning, but they also can burnt out pretty fast.

They love with all their power, but when they see that their partner takes advantage of them, they will turn their lives into a living hell.

With the right partner they can be your dream come true, but this combo is definitely not going to work out in a long-term.

Sagittarius and Leo

The Kings of the Jungle are not the same when they date Sags because a Sag will transform them into a totally different person.

Leo doesn’t want to show off with anything anymore, and they change their outlook on life.

They become modest and by learning new things from their partners, they realize that they gave too much attention to the things that don’t matter at all.

That is what keeps this couple alive, and they would never do anything to risk their love.

When they love, they give all in, and they make priorities so others can know about that.

For example, Leos will always choose to stay at home with their partners than spend a wild night out with the guys or gals.

That is how much they love and cherish what they have at home.

And the good thing is that their partners do the same, so they are equal.

That is their recipe for eternal love, and they are proud of keeping something valuable alive.

Capricorn and Gemini

Gemini is a double sign, so you never know if what they feel is real or not.

Only if you know them very well, you will be able to see if they really love you or if they still can’t decide.

In combination with Capricorn, Gemini always try to make their own wishes come true, not taking care about their partner, which, in the end, brings them up against a wall, and they don’t have anywhere else to go.

They simply think that they deserve someone better, so they take Capricorn for granted.

On the other hand, Capricorn is not so fond of them either.

The good thing is that this zodiac match can have amazing parties together and do things that they are not ashamed of.

That is actually the strongest connection between them, and when that disappears, there is nothing else to hold onto.

That’s why the average time of their relationship is a week or two. Anything more than that is a failure.

Aquarius and Virgo

This zodiac pairing is all that you will ever want from love.

When you see them looking at each other with that puppy look, telling each other how much they are in love, you can’t do anything but congratulate them and tell them that it is so nice to see them like that.

They are so sweet with calling each other cute nicknames and holding hands.

They are highly romantic, and their every morning starts with a kiss and cuddle in bed.

That is their routine they never skip, and that is one of the things that keeps them so close.

They are all into touching, and in that way, they express their love and desire for each other.

This combo has found a secret formula for keeping their love alive, that is for sure.

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces who lives in their own world of imagination and strong Capricorn are not a good match at all.

They are simply not on the same page, and no matter how much they try to make things work, they can’t.

Sooner or later they will disagree with each other which will bring the nasty fight back, and they won’t talk for months.

The catch is that they don’t know where they are heading with their relationship since neither of them makes some huge effort to improve things.

They simply go with the flow, and they believe that their relationship will work out even if they don’t work on it a lot.

But that is the problem.

One of them always thinks that the other will sort things out and vice versa, but in the end, they come up against a wall, and there is nowhere left to go anymore.