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Aries And Scorpio Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Aries And Scorpio Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Aries and Scorpio compatibility is neither the lowest nor the highest but somewhere in the middle.

Even though they share the same ruling planet (Mars) and some personality traits ( stubbornness and passion), they simply aren’t the best match.

Their similarities and differences don’t complement but create a gap in their relationship. These two signs have extreme difficulty when it comes to compromising because both of them believe they’re right.

Another serious struggle in their union is forming an emotional connection. To help you understand their match better, below, you’ll find their personality traits and the compatibility of Aries and Scorpio as friends, in bed, and love.

Are Aries And Scorpio Compatible?

Do Aries and Scorpio get along?

The Aries zodiac sign is a fire sign, whereas the Scorpio zodiac sign is a water sign. These two elements aren’t really a good match. Why?

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) get along with air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra). Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are highly compatible with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

Aries is ruled by planet Mars (passion), while Scorpio‘s ruling planet is Mars (passion) and Pluto (transformation).

Aries is a cardinal sign, whereas Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means Aries has a leading role as the initiator of new things, and Scorpio is stable and unchanging.

The symbol for the Scorpio sun sign is the Scorpion, whereas Aries‘s symbol is the charging ram.

Aries is a true extrovert, open, extremely stubborn, impatient, impulsive, and passionate to the core. They hate predictability, and they get bored easily, and I mean REALLY easy.

When it comes to the zodiac sign Scorpio’s personality traits, these people are brave, loyal, passionate, and determined, but also controlling, jealous, and manipulative at times. They aren’t forgiving either but prefer to hold grudges for a long time.

Fire signs and water signs tend to clash, which means Aries and Scorpio compatibility isn’t high. The biggest struggles in their relationship will be regarding emotional and intellectual aspects.

Aries And Scorpio Compatibility In Love

When it comes to an Aries and Scorpio love match, astrologers agree that they will have serious emotional difficulties. Scorpio is the type of person who feels things intensely and has the urge to share their feelings and thoughts with their partner.

Aries gets bored by discussions that aren’t action-oriented and can feel drowned in their partner Scorpio’s emotions. As a result, Scorpio will feel hurt and rejected.

An Aries-Scorpio relationship cannot last if both partners aren’t willing to work on understanding their emotional needs.

When it comes to the intellectual side of their relationship, they are a good match. Scorpio likes to hear and observe Aries when they’re passionate about something.

Also, Scorpio is willing to explore new things and topics, which is something Aries praises about them. The only problem that might arise here is Aries’ short attention span when it comes to exploring something.

Scorpio will want to know every single detail about a certain thing, whereas Aries will easily get bored by it and want to move to another thing.

Aries Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

The Aries man is impulsive but also will forgive and forget, which cannot be said for the Scorpio woman, who tends to hold grudges.

Now, imagine a scenario where an Aries man disrespects a Scorpio woman. For example, let’s say that he fails to appear on a date with her and she’s waiting for him.

Will she forgive him for that immediately? Of course not. Every woman knows that this kind of behavior is ultimately disrespectful.

Well, the difference between other women and a Scorpio woman is that others will forgive him at some point, but a Scorpio woman will hold a grudge for a LONG time.

Constant fighting around this and similar things is the reason they don’t really work as a couple.

Scorpio Man And Aries Woman Love Compatibility

If you’ve ever met an Aries woman in your life, then you know that they are self-sufficient. It’s not in their nature to give up control to anyone, so a Scorpio man is no exception.

The Aries woman in a relationship requires enough space to maintain her independent nature. If a man is not able to give her that, she will withdraw.

Now, the problem arises because both the Scorpio man and Aries woman want to be dominant. They simply aren’t willing to let the other person make decisions.

We’re talking about constant fighting for control, dominance, and independence. Can such a relationship function? I’ll let you figure it out.

Can Aries And Scorpio Be Soulmates?

Yes, Aries and Scorpio can be soulmates despite their mid-level compatibility. Scorpio is the type of person who demands passion in every aspect of their life, which is something Aries secretly admires.

They both share passionate energy that helps them maintain productivity in all areas of life. These two signs help each other grow in various ways. Balancing their differences is what makes their relationship stronger.

Both signs get jealous easily, which is why they need to establish a strong foundation of trust. Their relationship is bound to be exciting and intense in every sense of its meaning.

10 Aries And Scorpio Relationship Tips

Every relationship requires constant effort to flourish. This is especially true for Aries-Scorpio’s relationship, which is extremely intense. To help you establish a healthy and happy relationship, here are a few tips:

1. Don’t hold grudges (for eternity).

2. Apologize when needed.

3. Don’t be stubborn.

4. Respect each other’s independence.

5. Understand your differences.

6. Turn off the jealousy.

7. Be flexible.

8. Give each other space.

9. Be grateful.

10. Listen to your intuition (and your partner).

Aries And Scorpio In Bed

Contrary to other aspects, the sexual compatibility of these two zodiac signs is strong. They are highly compatible in bed, given that both Aries and Scorpio are passionate souls.

We’re talking about a strong, almost magnetic attraction between them and a passion so strong that it’s almost palpable. There will be lots of fights for dominance in bed, which makes things even more steamy.

Aries is the type of person who enjoys sex solely as a physical experience, whereas Scorpio sees it as a soul connecting experience filled with deep emotions.

This main difference between them is actually responsible for their high compatibility between the sheets. Why? Because they perfectly complement one another.

Each partner brings something that the other one lacks. Actually, that’s the secret to every successful relationship out there as well.

Aries And Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Just like their sexual compatibility, Scorpio-Aries compatibility in friendship is also high. Both signs are hard-working, determined, and passionate souls. They are both team players, which means they can achieve anything together.

Aries and Scorpio friends are also highly competitive by nature, which can be good and bad at the same time.

It’s good because they will push each other to try harder, but it can be bad when this starts interfering with their friendship.

Once they start seeing each other solely as competitors, their friendship has no chance of survival. That is why they need to do their best to prioritize their friendship over their competitive tendencies. Once they achieve that balance, they will be unstoppable.

The Bottom Line

Aries and Scorpio’s astrological compatibility is somewhere in the middle. These two signs will have difficulties compromising and establishing an emotional connection.

Their love match isn’t strong, but their compatibility in bed and friendship is really high. Still, they can transform their love life and make it work if both partners are persistent.

If you want to learn more about these two signs, don’t forget to follow their daily and weekly horoscopes.

Also, make sure to check their moon, rising, and Venus signs, as well as moon sign compatibility between zodiac signs.

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