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You Will Love Again After A Toxic Relationship

You Will Love Again After A Toxic Relationship

Many of us resort to growing thorns after we are hurt. This seems like the easiest conclusion after so many times of experiencing such things. We love to do this not out of frustration and anger, but because there are much deeper thoughts that linger. We are afraid that the next person will leave us just as easy as the last one did. This is not because there were problems with us. There is much more to the story.

You never saw it coming. A toxic person will leave you feeling as if all the water in your glass is empty. You have no more to provide. No more to give. A toxic person will leave you much worse than the way they found you.

The way they projected all of their issues back onto you, you were an open target to them. They knew that you would fall into the trap every time. That was because you never thought that somebody who was supposed to fulfill you with the love you desired would do this to you. Everything seemed to be your fault. The more and more you tried to shower them with emotion, they would reject it. That was not your fault. You continued to face the same roadblocks day in and day out. You felt as if you would soon reach a new path. A new path that would save your relationship.

The truth of it all is that these relationships will leave you emotionally and physically drained. Soon enough, there is nothing left to give.

This relationship wasn’t meant to be saved. You deserve much more than feeling as if all of the thoughtful gestures you gifted weren’t enough. You deserve to have somebody who loves you for you. Somebody who gives you the same love you have been providing. After so many times of being let down, you start to wonder if you will ever find the love that you have been giving everybody else.

You will.

This is because you will know in advance what to look for. Somebody who doesn’t have to tear you down to find joy in themselves. One who would rather fill you up, instead of leaving you empty. One who doesn’t have to project their anger onto you. This is because this person was meant to put you back together.

A toxic relationship will teach you so much about yourself and others. How much you are willing to take. How far others go to see you fall apart. Just remember that building blocks can always be rebuilt. Do not let a toxic person destroy the way you love. You will soon find the person who is willing to patiently build you back up. Let your knowledge lead you directly into the arms of that person.

I promise, you will love again.

by Isabella Piper