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This Is How You Will Make Him Orgasm Hard, According To His Zodiac Sign

This Is How You Will Make Him Orgasm Hard, According To His Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

A man born under this zodiac signs likes gentle sex at the beginning but a more aggressive one as things heat up.

You can get him going by rubbing against him gently and talking dirty to him. Tell him what you will do to him.

Don’t give him a chance to touch you unless you say so. Make him crave you and burn from desire.

When you see that he is on the edge, tell him that he is perfect and that he can do whatever he wants to you.

He will climax in a moment because of the control you gave him and you will be left all drained from amazing sex.

2. Taurus

A Taurus man is quite hard to satisfy but once you enter his head, you will be able to do whatever you want with him.

He likes to feel like a king, so you can start with a gentle massage of his entire body and since he really likes oral, after you finish the massage, you can go down on him and give him the pleasure he deserves.

Just by watching his dick inside your mouth he will be so turned on and he will come in a moment. And then? Then it is your turn to enjoy!

3. Gemini

You will make your Gemini man feel on Cloud Nine by talking dirty and saying some funny jokes.

They like to be entertained in bed, so you should go the extra mile to satisfy him.

That includes a lot of kisses, hugs and licking. He really likes to have the control in everything, so he will want that in sex, too. So, be good and let him be above you while passionately entering you.

That will make him turned on even more and he will come in a moment as he hears all those naughty things you said you would do to him.

4. Cancer

This is one of the most sensitive signs of all the zodiac, so you should treat him nicely. Make him feel like you are doing some extra effort to please him.

One of his fantasies is sex in the shower, so you can start foreplay by washing his entire body, staying on one certain place a little bit more to rub it.

After he gets turned on, you can take him to the bedroom and use other things like chocolate or champagne that you will lick from his body.

After he starts fucking you gently, he will come soon because he has been waiting for that moment since you rubbed him in the shower.

5. Leo

You will make your Leo come in a moment if you show him who the boss is. The truth is that they are authoritative and egoistic in business life but in bed, they transform into kind creatures craving love and affection.

He will enjoy a little bit of spanking, some blindfolds and just a little bit of dominance.

He will climax if you tell him what an amazing lover he is and that his dick is getting bigger inside you.

Tell him to do to you all that he wants and that you are completely his.

After that, you will hear some moaning and feel a higher speed in entering you and BOOM! Your man is completely satisfied and yours forever.

6. Virgo

This man likes surprises, so make sure that you surprise him with early sex by gently touching his body until he wakes up.

After he realizes that you are in the mood for some action, he will turn on easily because he likes morning sex.

He likes a lot of kissing and hugging and saying sweet things. After he comes and you continue with your daily activities, don’t be surprised if he comes into your office for more sex. That’s how badly he will want you.

7. Libra

Libras like long and romantic sex, so be prepared for going an extra mile to satisfy them.

You need to show him that he can trust you and that you don’t want his body only but his soul as well.

He likes when you are creative and sensual, so don’t talk dirty but act romantic.

Tell him that you enjoy making love to him so much and that there is no place you would rather be than in his arms.

Once he feels that you are completely his, he will relax and come in a second.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are highly sexual human beings, so any kind of sexual tension will turn them on easily and make them come as soon as possible.

He will want some raw sex with a lot of your saliva on his body and sloppy foreplay.

He will want to try anal because that is his cup of tea but as soon as he sees that you are satisfied, he will come.

It will help if you leave him begging for more and teasing him. Things like that can really drive him crazy and make him beg for a second round.

9. Sagittarius

With an adventurous Sag, there are no boundaries in sex. He wants it all and he wants it now.

He enjoys when a woman watches porn with him and does the same things as the porn stars. That is something that really gets him going.

Also, he likes to experiment by using a lot of sex toys. In that way, he will invent new things only for the two of you and some new sex positions as well.

He never gets enough and it takes him so little to orgasm hard. If you just unbutton your shirt, he is halfway there.

10. Capricorn

The best thing you can do to make this man horny is to tease him over text. Send him some nudes or provocative texts during the day and I am sure that once you get home, he will rip your clothes off and make long sex.

Don’t let him think about anything but you and keep him preoccupied with coming up with some witty things to write.

Once he starts having sex with you, just remind him of all those texts that the two of you shared throughout the day and he will come in a moment.

11. Aquarius

You will make this man orgasm hard by postponing his pleasure and teasing him with dirty words.

He likes rough sex where he is the dominant one, so he will come shorty after things heat up.

Once he takes your ass and starts entering you from behind by a high speed, you can know that he is about to come. Two or three dirty words more and there you go!

12. Pisces

This man really likes everything about sex and he is in the mood every time and everywhere.

He likes if you make some effort around him, like licking his entire body and especially giving him a blow job.

He will never get enough of that and in fact, that is what makes him turned on the most.

Once he sees your head down there and you moaning while his dick is in your mouth, you can be sure that only moments are dividing him from a mind-blowing orgasm!