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To All The Women Who Thought They’d Be Married By Now

To All The Women Who Thought They’d Be Married By Now

Do you feel disappointed that your life isn’t going the way you planned? Did you always imagine that you’d be a happy wife at this point in your life?

Do you constantly feel like you’re missing something because you’re still single? You’re probably losing faith in true love, but at the same time, you’re afraid to grow old alone, right?

Believe me, I’m not trying to indulge you right now, but I feel obligated to point out how wrong you truly are.

You’re only wasting the precious time of being single. Because, trust me, one day, you’ll have regrets and long for these days of your single life.

I know that you’ve dreamed about your wedding ever since you were a little girl, just like we all did.

You dreamed about saying ‘yes’ to your soulmate while wearing a beautiful white dress.

Don’t worry. You won’t disappoint that little girl because there’s still time to do that. One day, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams, and you’ll be the happiest bride alive. But, until then…

Enjoy your life to the fullest

This is a beautiful period of your life, and you must take advantage of every second of it. Enjoy being single to the fullest.

Use this time to do most of the things on your bucket list. Work on achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Build a life for yourself.

Visit new places, discover new cultures, and meet new people. Like my granny used to say, “use this time of your life wisely because you’ll never be younger than you are now.”

Remember, good things come to those who wait

Don’t think that God has forgotten you. He’s with you always, and He has something planned for you that is far better than what you dreamed of.

You just need to be patient. Don’t lose faith in love, or even worse, don’t lose faith in Him. He knows all of your wishes and your soul’s desires, and He’ll make all of them come true.

Being single doesn’t mean you’re alone

You’re single, but you aren’t alone. Many people love and care for you. Those people are the ones that count the most.

I know that you feel lonely sometimes, but the fact is, we all do. Yes, even people who are married feel lonely sometimes.

But you still have people who truly care for you and who’ll never allow you to feel like you’re all alone in this not so perfect world.

Stop looking for Mr. Right

There is no such thing as a perfect man. He doesn’t exist. There is the right man for you, but the truth is, he won’t be perfect.

If you’re waiting for the perfect man, you’re only wasting your precious time. Even worse, you might be missing out on some great opportunities and some really good and valuable men.

Don’t compare yourself to others

There is no point in comparing yourself to other people. You’re a unique human being, and your life could never be the same as someone else’s.

Just because most of your friends are married now doesn’t mean you should be too. It was simply their destiny, and yours is different from theirs.

Don’t think that their life is somehow better than yours just because they aren’t single anymore. Trust me, just because they’re married, it doesn’t mean they’re happy.

Always keep this in mind, a good marriage, where two people dated a while and had time to get to know each other and establish trust between them, is way better than a rushed marriage.

Don’t wallow in self-pity

Why should you have regrets for something that hasn’t happened YET? It doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself because your life isn’t going the way you planned. It’s going in some other direction, a direction that God thought was better for you.

You must trust God, accept your situation, put your hopes in Him, and hope that the final destination would be even better than how you imagined it.

Love is everywhere around you

Just because you haven’t found love up to now doesn’t mean you should stop believing in true love. True, real love exists and it’s everywhere around you.

Love is in the people who care for you, the people who want to be a part of your life. Your pet, who is sometimes your best friend too, is also love.

Love is in fulfilling our dreams and goals. The relationship you have with yourself is also love, and it’s probably the most important kind of love in your life.

The bottom line is that love is everywhere you look… True love is within you.

Your soulmate is out there somewhere

The person who is meant for you is out there somewhere, and he is also waiting for you. One day, God will find a way for you to cross paths, and you’ll meet the one you’ll marry.

That day, you’ll feel sorry for ever doubting God’s timing and true love. All this waiting will pay off because that person will be everything you ever hoped and prayed for.

In the end, to all of you fabulous single girls out there… Be patient. Don’t lose hope.

Your soulmate is coming, and he’ll make you so happy that you’ll forget that you were ever even worried about this. Just wait and believe in the most powerful force called L O V E.