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You Wouldn’t Be My Hardest Goodbye If I’d Known I Would Meet My Favorite Hello

You Wouldn’t Be My Hardest Goodbye  If I’d Known I Would Meet My Favorite Hello

Sometimes the end of a relationship can seem like the end of the world itself. But it never is. There will always be somebody else until you meet the one who is meant to stay forever.

Of course, you can’t see it right away. And the notion of new love makes you sick. That’s normal – there is a process you need to go through. You have to let yourself grieve first and then when you are ready, you have to let go.

If you hold on to the past too tight, you delay your future. The sooner you let go, the sooner you’ll be able to move on by yourself and move on with somebody else.

When you decide to move on, you have to say goodbye to your past; don’t bring it to your future as it will just mess everything up.

Goodbye to sleepless nights. Spent wondering if he was into you or not. Now he makes it evident. He expresses his feelings.

Goodbye to playing games. No more thinking about who texted who first. No more waiting for his replies as he does them right away. Even if he doesn’t, you are OK with that because you know he wouldn’t ignore you on purpose. He might just be busy.

Goodbye to lame excuses. Even if he is busy, he will make time for you. Maybe not as much as you would want, but enough so you know he cares.

Goodbye to begging for somebody’s attention. You already have his. It came naturally. He is into you and you didn’t have to ask for anything.

Goodbye to mixed signals. You know where you stand with him. He is true to his word and stands behind his promises. He is honest.

Goodbye to self-doubts and insecurities. You are the most beautiful and most amazing creature he ever met and there is no question about it. He makes it clear.

Goodbye to other women. You are the one and only. He made it clear that no other woman interests him. He might joke about it from time to time but that’s just to make you a bit jealous. There is no one he would rather spend his time with.

Goodbye to tears in your eyes. He just wants to make you smile, and if tears happen to appear on your face, he is there to wipe them away. He’ll be there no matter what.

Goodbye to exhausting fights. They lead nowhere. Fights now end in compromise. You agree to disagree and find a common ground.

It’s time to say hello to all the good that a new relationship brings you.

Hello to the nights of sleep you have knowing somebody loves you.
Hello to that inner peace which just cannot be replaced.
Hello to happiness that overwhelms you.
Hello to that feeling of being a part of somebody’s heart.
Hello to the security and serenity you feel with him.
Hello to smiling a lot.
Hello, my love.
Hello life.