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This Is What It Feels Like To Be A Girl With A Soft Heart And Stubborn Mind

This Is What It Feels Like To Be A Girl With A Soft Heart And Stubborn Mind

It is hard to sync your heart and your head. Your good, soft heart is ready to help anyone. Your soft heart will let anyone take advantage of it. But your mind plays a completely different game.

Your heart wants to let people get to know what you are really like, but your stubborn mind built this harsh exterior as a protection from getting hurt.

Your mind is slowing you down. It’s making you think things through. It is stubborn as hell. Your mind is preventing your heart; it’s preventing you from doing what you really want. It’s preventing you from showing the real you, not the rational you.

Your stubborn mind is making you look like you are not interested in anyone, when in reality, you just built a huge wall around you to protect your little, soft heart. Guys don’t approach you because they are afraid of that cold and harsh exterior of yours.

They aren’t even aware that if they scratch a bit underneath that icy surface, they will find a volcano waiting to erupt.

When your mind is in control, you are an assertive, independent girl who knows what she wants. You are bold and you are not afraid to say whatever is on your mind. But once your soft heart prevails and takes the wheel, you turn into the softest and most beautiful creature, full of love, ready to be given to the one who deserves it.

When you fall in love, you love with every inch of your body. Your love is unconditional. Your love is everlasting. It’s hard to get you to open up and completely trust someone. It’s hard for you to let yourself go and turn off the rational part of you and just love. But, once you do, it’s forever.

Your biggest problem is that your stubborn mind stands in your way to happiness. It doesn’t allow you to love someone the way you want. It doesn’t allow your soft heart to come out and take over.

Your mind makes you worry all the time. It makes you overanalyze things. It makes you create a problem where there’s none. Calm down a bit and let your heart have a chance.

Let your heart decide for a change. Nothing horrible will happen, I promise you.

The best thing you could do is to find some kind of a balance between your heart and your mind. You cannot stop thinking completely – you should just take it down a notch. Don’t be sooo stubborn. Don’t look at everything from a strictly rational point of view.

No matter what you do, life will take its own course. But don’t you think it would be better to sail through life with a heart full of love, rather than with a stubborn mind?