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This Year I Finally Know I Am Good Enough

This Year I Finally Know I Am Good Enough

This year I’m finally done beating myself up. This year I will finally put an emphasis on me. I’m done comparing myself to others. I’m done seeing every trait they have that I don’t.

This year I finally realized I don’t have to be like everyone else.

This year I realized that I’m different and that is not a bad thing, it doesn’t make me less important or less smart.

It makes me perfect just the way I am. It makes me more than good enough.

I’m done comparing myself to all the beautiful girls you see today. I don’t want to contour my face to look like them.

I don’t want to wear my lipstick and draw lines over my lips to make them bigger.

My face and my lips are perfect the way they are because they are mine and no one else has them. It’s what makes me unique and I don’t want to lose that to look like every other girl.

I’m more than good enough the way I am.

I’m done with being under pressure to change to be good enough for someone.

I know that I’m good enough and when the right person walks into my life, I’ll be good enough for him, too. No, I’ll be perfect for him.

I’m done living by the rules that someone else made for me. I’m done with looking in the mirror and seeing this mediocre woman who feels like crap because she didn’t accomplish something that was expected of her.

Well, what if I don’t want to do that? What if that is what makes me unhappy? What if those dreams are not my dreams?

I don’t want to live like that. I want to be happy. I want to feel free and satisfied. I want to feel good about myself because I finally know I’m good enough.

I’m done denying myself a chance of happiness. This year I’m going to do everything differently.

Every person who doesn’t value me as the person I am without modifications and false appearances can go to hell.

I don’t need you if you don’t respect me for who I am. I won’t be playing this role that society has imposed upon me.

I’m done not fulfilling it and feeling like I was less worthy because I’m not. I’m way better than that and this year I’m going to give myself another chance for happiness because I deserve it.

I’m done trying to make people love me. I’m done accepting any kind of love that comes my way just because I’m scared I won’t find anything better.

I’m done molding myself into something someone wants to have by his side.

I’m done pretending to be something that I’m not only to get the lousy love I don’t deserve. I know what I deserve and this year I’m going to finally have it.

This year, I’m done settling for less than I deserve.

I’m done putting everyone else’s needs before my own. I’m done being the last resort. I’m done being everyone’s doormat.

I won’t be there for others when they are in need because those others turned their backs on me when I needed them.

When they were sad, I was, too. I wanted to help them, I listened to them, and I wiped away their tears.

But when I cried, my tears soaked the pillow I was lying on. I had no one to wipe them away.

I had no one to listen to me or to be there for me.

I’m done ignoring what I want to do. I want to dream big like everybody else.

I’m done thinking that I’m never going to achieve what I want just because someone said I’m not good enough.

I’m done doubting myself and thinking that I’m not good enough to turn my dreams into my reality.

I’m done with obsessing about what others think. I’m done seeking anyone’s approval. I don’t care whether someone likes me or not.

I won’t change for anyone’s sake. I’m the way I am and if you don’t like it, walk away.

I won’t be changing for anyone because I finally know I’m good enough to make myself happy.

I finally realized I’m good enough now and I will be good enough forever.