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10 Damn Good Reasons Why She Is Good Enough

10 Damn Good Reasons Why She Is Good Enough

She is a good-hearted girl

She is all you need to be happy because her will to help others is bigger than her love for herself. She is a girl who enjoys helping others and who sometimes forgets to put herself first.

Maybe that’s why some people will take her for granted and neglect her but she will never give up on showing how good and caring she is.

She always supports you

When being in a relationship with this kind of girl, just know that she will give her best to make you feel good in your own skin.

She doesn’t mind going the extra mile to make you happy, because when you are happy, she is happy as well.

She is always there to support you in all your decisions and to show you that you can always count on her. A girl like this can’t be found on every corner, so make sure that you provide her with the love she truly deserves.

She will never put you down

A girl like this is someone who will never put you down just so she could feel better. She doesn’t enjoy playing any mind games or playing with other people’s feelings.

Instead of doing all those bad things some girls do, she will be the wall you can lean on, your late-night call and your best friend.

She will always be there for you, to push you to be the best version of yourself and she will never let you confront your fears alone. A girl like this is more than a girl; she is a woman to love.

She is smart

A girl like this is smart and intelligent and she uses all her qualities to have an easier life. Since she knows how to solve any problems she has, she will also help you to solve yours.

If you need any advice, she is your person because she gives the best possible guidance.

Since she cares about you, she will help you in ways you didn’t know existed. Her wit and intelligence help her to get the jobs she can be successful at and because of that, she feels fulfilled.

A girl like this doesn’t need to put a lot of effort in to get where she wants to be and that makes her even more appealing.

She is beautiful both on the inside and outside

This girl is beautiful on the inside and that is where all her strength lies. Her brave heart and her clean soul are her guiding stars to happiness.

Her eyes shine like two diamonds and her laugh is contagious.

She always feels everything so deeply and she is not ashamed to admit it. In a cruel world full of hypocrites, she always wears her heart on her sleeve.

She doesn’t mind having bad experiences since they all teach her important lessons.

She walks proudly with her head up, not thinking about what others say about her. Her life motto is: ‘Live and let others live!’

She easily forgives

She is someone who never holds grudges for a long time. Even if you hurt her, she will leave you for some time until you realize what you have done.

After that, she will try to talk to you and show you your mistakes. If you are willing to say that you are sorry, she will forgive you and accept you back.

But just because she is someone who will forgive you for everything that you have done to her, it doesn’t mean that you can do it again.

Instead of taking her for granted, be sure to respect her and accept her just the way she is. I am sure that won’t be so hard, right?

She has never cheated on you

When being in a relationship with you, she never thought of cheating on you. She has always been faithful to you because she knows what it means to be cheated on.

She knows what it feels like when someone breaks your heart and plays with your emotions. When you are with her, you don’t need to worry that she will flirt with another man.

She knows what she has and she will never do anything to destroy it.

A girl like this gets attached easily so you can expect her telling you how much she loves you sooner than you think.

She is honest

Girls like her are an endangered species nowadays. She is not easy to find so whatever you do, don’t risk losing her.

She is honest and she can’t change even if she would love to.

She is like that by default and there is nothing she can do about it. She is honest about her life, her friends and the things that happened to her in the past.

If you show her that she can trust you, she will pull all her walls down and let you get to know her better.

That’s why you shouldn’t play with her heart because it is fragile and once it breaks it can leave enormous consequences.

If you can’t love her the way she deserves, it is better if you just let her go.

She is caring and loving

A girl like this is the most caring and loving person you will ever find. She lives to make others happy and she feels great about that.

She is someone who will talk to you until 3 a.m if you need some help and still get up at 6 a.m to go to work.

She sacrifices herself for others and she doesn’t mind doing so. She is someone who always sees the good in others and she sometimes gets hurt because she thinks everyone is good like her.

There have been many people who took advantage of her but that didn’t break her. It just made her stronger, to fight harder and to accomplish her goals.

You always have her full attention

A girl like this won’t ignore you to get your attention. She will give it to you wholeheartedly and she will be glad she did so.

She won’t punish you with silent treatment, nor will she play any mind games with you.

If she has something to say, she will do so, no matter if you will get mad about it. But she will expect you to do the same thing.

She knows that bottling up your emotions won’t bring you any good and that it is always better to speak your mind.

She acts like an adult because that is who she is and she doesn’t act like a damsel in distress.

She faces her problems, fights her own battles and what is most important, she lives her life to the fullest.