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You Are Worth More Than Second Thoughts And Maybes

You Are Worth More Than Second Thoughts And Maybes

Dear girl,

Stop selling yourself short. You’re an amazing human being who deserves real love, care, and attention.

Don’t fall for the made-up stories he tells you because he’s unsure about his feelings. If he’s unsure about his love for you, trust me – you don’t need him.

A man who loves you will say he loves you and show it with his actions, he won’t mess around.

A man who truly wants a woman will never leave her wondering if she’s enough. Yes, he could be concerned about some other stuff, but don’t let yourself settle for his maybe.

Maybe is a word people use when they don’t want to make an effort but also when they don’t want to deal with the consequences of saying no.

In other words, it’s a word full of empty promises.

That’s not what you want, in fact, I know you’re sick of it. You’re fed up with ‘almost’ relationships, feeling like you’re not enough, wondering what’s wrong with you and the men around you.

It seems like everyone has their life figured out – everyone but you. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is you don’t have boundaries, you ignore red flags when you see them, and you make yourself an easy target for men with unresolved emotional issues.

You don’t have to wait for someone to decide whether they like you enough or not. That’s a major red flag that usually consists of frequent maybes.

If he takes way too long to respond, if he doesn’t call for days and then texts you out of the blue and struggles to call you his – I’m sorry, this man isn’t for you. This man isn’t going to make a woman happy.

What you need is a person who’s decisive and makes you feel like you’re a team. Someone you can count on at all times.

Life isn’t only about romance and passion, it’s about boring, unpleasant, mundane stuff too.

That’s why you need someone who chooses you above anything else over and over again and not someone who treats you like an option.

A relationship means commitment. It’s a big life project, with the goal of long-term happiness.

Don’t waste your precious time on men who can’t see past superficial things, because you’re worth more than that. You’re not just your looks, a casual good time, or a fun date.

You’re a woman. A woman who has it all, who doesn’t have to settle for less than she deserves because she knows her worth.

Forget about his sweet-talking if there’s no actual effort. Don’t let yourself be played. Deep down you already know these things, but you’re waiting for a sign to prove you’re right. This is it.

Move on and you’ll be happier, I promise you. Move on because there are men who dream about being with women like you.

Don’t let his words get to you, don’t think you’re not interesting or pretty enough – that’s simply not the case. Don’t lose confidence over a man who can’t even take responsibility for the smallest thing.

He was the wrong man at the wrong time – don’t analyze anything further. Be happy because you dodged a bullet.

Once real love comes your way, you’ll see how silly all of this looks. There will be no second thoughts or maybes… Nothing but big, committed, true love.

You deserve that kind love and nothing else.

But, before all that remember this: Self-worth comes from within. Nobody else is in charge of our self-worth.

It doesn’t come from what someone said about you and it doesn’t come from men choosing you or leaving you.

Your self-worth comes from you being proud of who you are. It comes from respecting yourself and appreciating your own being, your talents, your creativity, your beauty.

Many things in life change and you can’t control everything, but there’s one thing nobody has control over, and that’s you.

Love yourself before anything else and see your relationship change before your eyes.

Accept your flaws and celebrate your strengths. Be brave enough to share your beauty with the world. 

Let yourself be seen for who you are and find someone who appreciates you like that.