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You Deserve The Love You Keep Giving Everyone Else

You Deserve The Love You Keep Giving Everyone Else

The most beautiful thing about you is that you keep giving people second chances, because you really want to be right about them. You truly hope that this time it will be different and you pray that you are right about them but regardless, you never give up on anyone.

You always try to be as grounded as possible and not let your hopes get too high, but still… You pray that this time, things might happen differently and maybe this time, your hopes will be met.

You will never disrespect someone by making them wait for you in any capacity but at the same time, you will forgive those who flake on you, as you always find it in your heart to try to understand and forget, as if it never happened.

Sometimes you feel like all you ever do is hope, pray and do everything you can to make someone or something better. You never expect the same of others but you and your time are available for anyone at any time, no questions asked.

You will give everything you have in you to someone, even though they might not be deserving of it, simply because you believe that love is not something to be deserved. You believe that love should be given freely, regardless of who to.

At the same time, it feels as if you are spreading yourself so thin for the same things that you give away so often and so selflessly.

All you want is for someone to love you the way you love them. All you want is for someone to make the same effort for you that you keep making for everyone else. You are a little tired from wearing yourself out for people who don’t always appreciate your constant efforts for them.

You feel undervalued and instead of facing it head-on, you just keep praying that with this particular person, things will work out differently. They will know how to value you. After all, there is only so much one person can give, before feeling exhausted, like you are starting to feel right now…

You are slowly losing yourself in your selfless way of loving others.

Loving someone shouldn’t be this complicated. But you always seem to fall for someone who can’t reciprocate what you are willing to give them. It feels as if everybody around you is living their happily-ever-after while you are the only one struggling to find your someone.

Why is it so easy for everyone to find what you are so selflessly giving at every turn? Why are your relationships the only ones that seem to end before they even begin?

You are no longer able to listen to all that empty talk. You can no longer look at all those happy couples, wondering what it is about you that just doesn’t seem to have what it takes. Your eyes are getting weary from seeing all the happiness on the outside but feeling like there is something missing on the inside. Your soul aches for a connection that will make you feel alive and fulfilled again.

I promise you, all these things that you do for others will pay off in the end. Someone so giving and generous and who can take so much heartbreak and still never lose faith is due for something amazing. I know it’s getting so tiring always finding it in you to keep going but those who try are those who will eventually succeed.

So, keep trying. Never lose your faith. That is what distinguishes you from the sea of people who are all so too much alike.

One day, all this effort, all this love, and all this hope you have within you, will be reciprocated. You are able to give so much and you should never settle for someone who can’t measure up.

When it’s the hardest, that is when you should persevere the most. Nothing this pure will come easy. Have just a little more patience… After all, you’ve come so far. And just because it’s taking you a bit longer than others doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you.

And when it finally does, your heart will feel whole again, at a level you never dreamed possible. So, be patient now, in order to find someone deserving of your gentle soul. That is the love that will have your soul flourish for the rest of your life.