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You Have To Be All In Or Get All Out – There’s No Halfway In Love

You Have To Be All In Or Get All Out – There’s No Halfway In Love

Love isn’t just good days. Love isn’t just anniversaries and gifts. Love is everything in between.

Whoever imagines a flawless, laughter-filled relationship with cutesy couple stuff, they’re about to be disappointed.

I’m not saying that relationships are disappointing. I’m saying that people often have high expectations and weak effort.

Everything is way easier when you imagine situations and scenarios in your head. However, reality is a different story.

Strong love requires strong foundations and it isn’t found – it’s made. Love like that doesn’t childishly ignore problems, but says let’s fix this.

I want to fix what’s broken over and over again and glue it with gold. A struggle means a better foundation.

I want to make a mistake and then never make the same one again because I know better. I want to give a damn.

How many times have you rolled your eyes after something your significant other said or did because of objectively insignificant things?

Start with that and then slowly progress towards more complex problems, because that’s what relationships of any kind have – problems.

Now, what I want for myself isn’t a relationship without problems, but one with endurance and character. A relationship that doesn’t depend on anyone else but the two of us.

I don’t want to doubt my partner; I want to trust him completely.

I want to be in one of those marriages where they have been married for 20 years and are still so in love with each other, taking care of each other, and lifting each other up.

I want the father of my children to be my best friend and someone I can count on – one who’s going to constantly invest in our relationship and have the same goals as me.

I want to be immersed in my partner completely – and that includes through good times and the bad – the times when we’re full of love and happiness, and the days when I feel broken and mad.

I want to fight for love and not give up when it comes to the first little obstacle. I want passion and romance, 3 AM conversations, and feeling the love at all times – even when we fight.

I know I have the capacity to love BIG and I don’t want to pretend like that’s not something to be proud of.

I’m a ride or die, and that’s why I need to know you’re the one before I give all of myself to you.

I’m tired of almost relationships, fake relationships, and immature men – people who don’t understand me, who misunderstand my words, and who blame me for things I never did.

I need to know you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. They say men shouldn’t be vulnerable, but I disagree. A man who can address his feelings is a man who’s always in control of himself.

I need to see your actions speak louder than words. I don’t want to beg for things or constantly have to explain myself.

I need you to be proud of me and accept me as I am. A man who won’t wave his hand at me when I bring up things that interest me.

I need to know that you have the capacity to love as big as me, because that’s what I love about myself.

I love being in love with love, and wanting things to work and be the best they can be.

I don’t want halfway love. I want it whole, because I’m deserving of a whole, real love.

My work and effort deserve to be recognized. It’s crazy I ever believed I was anything less than good enough just because other people didn’t care as much as me.

I am good enough and the love I’m giving is always more than good enough. My love is refusing to give up on you, no matter what.