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She Doesn’t Want Anything But You Making Her Feel Wanted

She Doesn’t Want Anything But You Making Her Feel Wanted

Are you afraid to start a relationship with the girl you like because you don’t know if you will be able to fulfill her expectations?

Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t understand what she wants from you or your relationship?

Most men say that it’s so difficult to understand what a woman really wants. They say women are indecisive, too complicated and way too mysterious.

To be honest, and I’m going to say this in a very simple way, all those theories are crap. All a woman really wants is to feel wanted… to feel loved and respected.

There is nothing complicated about a woman’s needs. You don’t need a manual to guide you through understanding what a woman needs and wants from a man.

You don’t have to search for a key to get to her heart. If you prove to her that your intentions are honest and show her she can trust you, that’s it.

That’s the only key you’ll need to win her heart over forever.

You just need to listen

If you have been struggling with understanding your girl’s needs, you can relax now and stop worrying so much about it because it’s not that complicated indeed.

All you have to do is listen. Listen to what she has to say and listen actively because, you see, women aren’t mysterious at all.

For women, communication is everything in a relationship. If she wants something, she’ll tell you or at least give you a signal.

That’s why you really have to listen when she talks. Don’t be just physically there, be emotionally present, too.

The first thing is the connection

She wants to build a strong emotional connection between the two of you.

She wants you to put in an equal amount of effort as she’s putting in your relationship to create such a strong bond that nothing and no one would ever be able to break.

For a woman, an emotional connection is much more important than a physical one.

She wants to connect with you on a deeper soul-level before everything else… to connect in a way that goes beyond anything physical.

She needs to know she’s your first and your only choice

This is another part that men misunderstand about women. A woman will never ask you to make her your only priority in life, but she’ll want to be on the very top of your priority list and she has every right to be put in that place.

She’ll never accept being an option or your second choice. She wants to feel wanted, she wants to be your first, you last… Well, the hell with it, she wants to be your ONLY choice.

Be her friend

A woman knows that the most beautiful and the most powerful relationships are the ones when two people aren’t lovers only, but also best friends.

You’ll build trust this way, and your friendship will be the strongest foundation of your romantic relationship.

She needs to know that she’s safe with you and that she can tell you everything without being afraid you’ll judge or betray her.

She needs you to be her best friend first, then her romantic partner.

And, trust me, that goes both ways. She’ll also become your buddy, she’ll become the best friend you ever had and she will never ever betray you or your trust no matter what.

She needs to feel comfortable to open up to you

A woman wants to be sure she can trust you with everything. She needs to know that she can come up to you whenever she has a problem or simply wants to share something with you.

She needs a shoulder to cry on when she’s going through some difficult periods.

She needs a confidant; a person who will be able to tell even her darkest secrets and be sure that her secrets will be safe with that person forever.

She wants you to be her port in a storm

She needs to know that she’s safe with you. Your arms will become her safe place and you should never make her think differently.

Be there for her always. She must be aware that you’re always behind her watching her from her back and not allowing anything or anyone to hurt her.

Of course, she needs to feel loved above all

Above all of this, all a woman really wants from a guy is to reciprocate her feelings. She wants to feel the same love she’s giving to you.

She wants you to love her the right way and for all the right reasons. She wants to feel accepted in all of her conditions and loved despite all of her flaws.

You see, understanding a woman’s needs isn’t complicated at all. Show her real love and respect and treat her the way she deserves. Choose her always, despite everything and everyone.