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You Need To Stop Blaming Yourself For His Inability To Love You

You Need To Stop Blaming Yourself For His Inability To Love You

I am not saying that you are perfect because the truth is that you have your flaws, just like the rest of us. But to the right guy, you will be perfectly imperfect exactly the way you are and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that really matters.

Clearly, this guy we are talking about isn’t the right one for you. And you know why that is so?

Because he obviously can’t seem to give you back all the love he’s been getting from you. Because he obviously can’t love you the way you love him and the way you deserve to be loved.

Well, it’s time for you to understand that this unrequited love is anything but your fault. His lack of emotions and the way he’s been treating you are not things you are responsible for in any way whatsoever.

You need to understand that there are some people who are simply not capable of love and there is nothing you can do about it, as much as you try. And this guy is obviously one of those people.

You can give him all the love in this world and you might expect that this love will eventually change his ways but sadly, that will never happen. Because this man will never give you what you need, no matter how hard you try to win over his heart.

So please, stop doubting yourself and your worth. Stop comparing yourself with other girls, including his ex-girlfriends, and wondering what it was that they had and you don’t.

Stop allowing him to feed your insecurities, to lower your self-esteem and to turn you into someone you are not. Stop questioning and doubting yourself and your worth because these are the last things you should be doing.

Stop wondering if you are the bad guy in this story or if you could have done more to make him care for you. Stop trying to change yourself just so this guy could like you more and thinking that this is the way toward his affection.

Stop rereading your old texts, trying to figure out if you said something wrong that chased him away from you. Stop replaying your entire relationship back and forth in your head, trying to remember when and why things went downhill.

Stop seeking validation and acceptance from this man. Stop thinking that he needs to approve your value for it to be real and for you to see it yourself.

Stop seeing yourself through his eyes because he’ll never see all of your qualities. Stop asking yourself if you are enough because this is something the right guy would never make you wonder.

And most importantly—stop waiting for this guy to change and to become the man you need him to be. Face the harsh truth and finally accept that you can’t save him and that he’ll always remain the same selfish douchebag he’s always been.

So, instead of settling for breadcrumbs of his love and instead of hoping that things will be different in the future, please save yourself by walking away from this destructive relationship. Start being aware that you deserve much more and wait for that more to come along.

Remember that you are in no way to blame for everything that’s been going on in your relationship. It is not your fault that this guy never managed to see your true beauty and all the qualities you have as a person.

You are not to blame for choosing him and for not knowing better because we all make mistakes. You are not guilty of trying to find love where it clearly doesn’t exist. And you are definitely not to blame for this man never being able to love you back the way you deserve.

But I have to tell you something that you probably don’t want to hear—you will be responsible for your own destruction if you consciously choose to stay next to this man, knowing all of this. You will be to blame if you choose to waste more years of your life waiting to get all the love you keep giving him back.

Because sadly, that will never happen. And it’s about time you understand this.

It’s about time you walk away from this man and give your best to move on from all of this pain he’s been causing you. To understand that you don’t need him and never did.

It’s about time you start loving yourself more than you ever loved him. And most importantly—for you to start respecting the woman you are, without allowing this guy or anyone else to diminish your worth anymore.