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You Need Yourself More Than You Need Them

You Need Yourself More Than You Need Them

Losing someone you deeply care for is never easy. Ending up without the people you love is devastating for the strongest of us. 

Therefore, suffering because of someone’s absence and missing them are not signs of weakness. In fact, it is what makes you a human being made of flesh and blood. 

So, I’m not here to preach to you or act like a smartass who knows it all. I’m not going to try to convince you that your heartbreak is unimportant and that you’re crying without a valid reason.

It doesn’t matter whether you were disappointed by a boyfriend, a friend or a family member.

Either way, the point is that now you have to keep on going without them and learn how to live your life without their support. 

No matter who hurt or backstabbed you, having to remove the person you love from your life or them abandoning you is one of the worst things you’ll ever have to go through.

You’re grieving the loss of a person who is, thank God, alive, safe and sound and that takes time and strength. 

Yes, losing someone you love is difficult. However, you know what is even worse? Losing yourself. 

It might sound brutal but whoever walks away from your life can and will be easily replaced.

You will find a new boyfriend, another friend or you can even connect with a person who will represent a family figure to you. 

The only person you can never replace is yourself. That is exactly why the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself.

So, please don’t allow your losses and heartbreaks to spiritually kill you.

Don’t let them leave permanent consequences on your emotional and mental health and don’t let your bad experiences mark you for life. 

I’m begging you to chase away the idea that you’re incomplete without someone else. That you need other people’s approval, advice and guidance to carry on the right path. 

I’m asking you to stop thinking that someone was giving purpose to your life. That you would be nothing without them and that you will never make it on your own. 

This might sound brutally honest but the truth is that we’re all alone in this world. 

Yes, it is nice having someone to love and support you but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to deal with your own problems, the one who has to make all the important decisions regarding your life.

The one who has to heal her broken heart, who has to live with the consequences of her actions and the one who ends up alone with her thoughts. 

Most importantly—you’re the only one who can make yourself happy.

Yes, other people can contribute to your happiness and make it even greater but if you are not content with the life you have, nobody will appear with a magic wand and change that fact.

After knowing this, why do you still waste so much energy on the people who left your life for a reason? Why do you keep allowing your past demons to haunt you? 

Why do you keep on searching for closure and an explanation? Why can’t you leave it all behind and start afresh? 

Remember: whoever doesn’t have a place in your life anymore shouldn’t be present in your heart or thoughts either.

So instead of putting all of your focus on trying to get back the ones you lost, please for once concentrate on yourself. 

Work on self-improvement and on becoming the best possible version of the girl you are now.

Work on reaching your future goals, without expecting anyone to give you a hand while doing so. 

Work on turning your dreams into reality and making your life as perfect as possible. Focus on making yourself happy, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. 

No, there is nothing selfish about putting yourself, your needs and your desires first. In fact, it is exactly what you should have done a long time ago. 

Don’t forget that there is no one more valuable in this world than you. You’re precious and irreplaceable and no one compares to you. 

So, you better make sure not to lose yourself in the process of searching for others. Because if that happens, you’re pretty much screwed. 

Instead, take care of yourself the same way you would take care of the person you love the most in this world. Because that is exactly how things should be.