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I’m Sorry You Won’t See The Real Me Right Away Because I Was Hurt Before

I’m Sorry You Won’t See The Real Me Right Away Because I Was Hurt Before

Sometimes, the bad things that happen to us change our lives forever and that’s okay because we learn to live through it and turn it into strength.

Still, from time to time, it’s hard to be comfortable doing things like you did before, especially when it comes to close relationships—especially with your significant other.

You can feel out of place and insecure because you’re left with triggers you didn’t have before your trauma.

You can feel like you’re putting on a mask so you can feel protected.

You could be overly suspicious or fearful or lack trust or even motivation to do the things you did before.

I’m here to tell you that’s okay and you shouldn’t worry and here’s why.

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You deserve someone who will understand you and your feelings completely.

You deserve someone who will treat you like he gives a damn, who won’t make fake promises or pretend to care for you and send you mixed signals.

You shouldn’t feel like you’re a burden.

Somebody who truly loves you will never make you feel like you’re difficult to deal with.

Instead, they will show understanding and find time to listen and actually put the effort in to make you feel safe and understood.

A person who truly loves you will accept you as you are at that moment.

Love shouldn’t be restrictive or make ultimatums.

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It shouldn’t bring you to tears. Love should feel free and make you happy.

If it doesn’t make you happy, it’s not love.

It’s something else you already learned about and don’t want to recall.

When you’re with the right person, life becomes easier.

It still has its ups and downs but it never makes you miserable.

You stop hiding behind masks you had to put up because you were scared of being hurt again.

You stop living the life of a victim and instead you start creating life on your own terms.

Everything is easier when you have a person you can be yourself with—completely and utterly yourself.

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With all your goofiness or anxiety, sadness or excitement, playfulness or seriousness.

In fact, a person who is truly meant for you can see through your masks and your pain.

They can recognize when you’re putting up a front and when you’re being yourself.

Don’t underestimate the powerful sight of love.

He will treat you with respect in the good times and the bad times.

You don’t need to agree on everything but you have to respect each other and that includes times when you find it difficult to let go of certain things, like fears.

Your destined person will know how to make you comfortable and happy again.

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He will feel like home.

He will always put you first and be protective of you.

He will express his feelings freely and without hesitation.

His intentions with you will always be clear and he will make sure you know how special you are, despite your difficult side.

You won’t be stressed about his perception of you because deep down, you know he sees you for who you are.

Your true person will not be afraid of a challenge.

He will recognize your potential and wait till you open up without pushing you.

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That’s when you are going to know you’re loved like you deserve to be loved.

When you’re loved like you deserve to be loved, you will throw away your masks and heal your wounds.

Everything that once made you hide yourself and your feelings will dissolve in the bliss of true love.

You will learn that love isn’t about making constant sacrifices just to maintain the peace or crying through sleepless nights because he didn’t call and then pretending the next day that it’s fine.

Love is about commitment to live your life together and for each other.

Love is about being the best you can be and your person rooting for your happiness.

Love is about feeling safe in his arms and falling asleep peacefully, knowing you’re exactly where you need to be, the way that you are.

I’m Sorry You Won’t See The Real Me Right Away Because I Was Hurt Before