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6 Reasons Why She Doesn’t Believe You Love Her

6 Reasons Why She Doesn’t Believe You Love Her

For those who have never experienced it, love is simple. But for those who have, love is the most complicated thing in the world.

When loving someone, you need to make some effort, you need to listen, you need to understand and most of all, you need to feel good doing all those things.

It is true that men and women think about love in different ways, so here are some reasons she doesn’t believe you love her, even if you do.

1. You don’t talk to her like before

Maybe she is thinking about your past, wishing you were the same man she fell for.

She doesn’t understand why you are quiet with her and why you only talk when someone else is there.

She doesn’t understand what she did wrong or why you are not acting like before.

She keeps it all inside and she wishes you would become her hero who would be there to listen to all her problems and help her solve them.

Maybe you are tired, maybe you have had a rough day at work. Maybe the whole month was shitty for you but she is not someone who should feel the consequences.

Bear in mind that women are more sensitive than men and that they can feel the slightest change.

So, pay attention to her and show her how much you love her. Show her that she is your first and last choice. Show her you care.

2. You got stuck in a routine

When you are in a long-term relationship, it is very easy to get stuck in a routine.

Just imagine working the whole day, taking care of the kids, fulfilling your responsibilities and having no time to relax and enjoy.

Every relationship would start being unstable in those circumstances.

That’s why both of you need to go the extra mile to improve your relationship.

If you think you don’t spend enough time with her, postpone all your obligations and be with her.

You can surprise her at work, invite her to lunch or simply cuddle with her while the two of you are spending time relaxing near the TV.

Trust me, she will cherish every moment she spends with you and in that way, you can make a deeper connection.

3. She stopped trusting you

Once she stops trusting you, you won’t be able to get her trust back so easily.

If she doesn’t trust you, it will be hard for her to feel extreme love toward you. In fact, just because she doesn’t trust you, she will think you don’t love her.

She will think that you are playing games with her and that you are with her only because you don’t want to be single.

She will feel extremely insecure with you and she won’t believe the things you say.

That will be all the more reason for her to think you don’t love her. She will think about the worst scenario possible and she will be devastated because of that.

What she needs is for you to actually share with her everything that you think about. She needs you to be open and to connect with her emotionally.

Until then, she will feel bad because she is not getting the love she needs from you.

4. She was left so many times

She can’t relax because she has been hurt too many times before. People who told her they would never leave her left her at the first bump in the road.

Those who claimed they were her best friends left her without a simple explanation.

She had so many heartbreaks and she doesn’t believe anymore that someone can fall for her.

She is scared that she will never find the love she deserves and that’s why she has her walls up.

But if you make some effort and if you show her that she can trust you, you will get the best girl ever.

You will get a lifetime friend, a lover and a person you can always count on.

All she needs is for you to show her that you will be there and that you won’t leave like everyone else.

If you manage to provide her with that, she will be the happiest person alive.

5. Others convinced her that she is not good enough

In her past relationships, she was convinced that she wasn’t good enough.

She was always the one who would put up with anything, buying the peace in a relationship with her tears.

She was the best girl you could ever have but not everyone could see that.

Not everyone saw her heart of gold and that’s why she is so broken now.

She still believes she isn’t good enough and she feels the same with you. But if you see something else, try to convince her she is wrong.

Tell her she is an amazing person and that any guy would be happy to have her by his side.

Show her that you cherish every moment spent with her and that calling her yours is all that you could ever wish for.

6. She has low self-esteem

She is the one who always thinks others are right and that she is wrong.

Her self-esteem is low and that’s why she can’t believe a man like you can fall in love with her.

She is anxious every time you talk to another girl because she thinks you will see that she is much more fun and that you will stay with her.

She doesn’t think she is valuable. She doesn’t think she is worthy. She doesn’t think someone can love her with all their heart.

So, that is why she doesn’t believe you love her. She needs you to show her that she is all that you have been dreaming of.

She needs you to show her that she is a woman with the purest heart and soul you have ever known.

She needs to feel that you are okay with the fact that you will spend the rest of your life with her.

She needs to understand that she is your first choice and that you would never do anything to hurt her. So, please help her to understand it.