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Your Best Friend Vs The Love Of Your Life

Your Best Friend Vs The Love Of Your Life

For some of us, there will come a time when we meet the love of our life, one who, we cannot have for the entire duration of our life time. At least, not in the way in which we wish we could.

They will fuel our fire; set our hearts in overdrive. They will be that person we would without a doubt go cliff diving for.

The person whom, when we are with them, nothing else in the world matters but what lays between our four surrounding walls. They will challenge us on an intellectual level, in ways we never imagined possible.

A person, our person.

We will have a relationship and bond that most of society will never understand. However, we are almost always thankful for such a privilege. It will be riveting, exhilarating, mind blowing so to speak.

However, one day, that once in a lifetime experience will come to an end. Never a full close, or a complete end, but an end nonetheless. Something will change, for one or the other, maybe even both. Soulmates yes, but not life-long lovers.

Though together or apart, the bond within will forever remain, never to be fulfilled by another. Because quite frankly, it would be impossible.

You’ll keep in touch. You’ll always essentially be there for one another, just not 100 for 100.

Parts of you both will continue moving on in life, outgrowing one another slowly and gradually.

Pause, appreciate this moment, freeze time and remember the warmth it brought to your life, and all the heartfelt yet heart-wrenching lessons this beautiful love taught you. Now fast forward.

One day, you will meet someone new, someone whom is your best friend in every sense of the word, who brings you happiness and comfort, as well as a bright future.

You’ll know in your heart, that this is it. This is the person with whom you should and will most likely spend your life with, happily nonetheless.

Likewise, there is something daunting in the air, something you can’t quite put your finger on. Like a light it hits you. Your person.

They aren’t nor could ever be that riveting, cliff diving, sensationally intellectual person in your life because you’ve had that. Your once-in-a-lifetime has come and gone per se, and yet while “gone”, they’re still present in your life.

Thus, you’re stuck partially in your current world and partially within the world in which an intellectual part of your being lives.

So you must decide: Do you spend the duration of your life falling in and out of this intellectual world you’ve created with your person?

Your fire fueling, butterfly giving, wild and free, once in a lifetime person… or do you create a new world? A safe, sound, happy, appreciated life, where you and your best best friend can create a meaningful and fulfilled life together?

The right choice, the smart choice, is your best friend, leaving your once-in-a-lifetime person, in the past. This isn’t an easy choice, but it’s the right choice for a happy and healthy you.

You see, your person, they’re like an addiction. Once you close that door, you can’t just throw away the key. You have to remind yourself and choose to keep that door shut, daily.

It’s okay to feel nostalgic. It’s normal to wonder some days, and play the ‘what if’s’ in your mind. However, just remember, just because it’s once-in-a-lifetime doesn’t mean it’s your forever.

Life is created via experiences. This one particularly is special. It will teach you things about yourself you never imagined possible nor true.

However, it will also teach you should you pay close enough attention to what you shouldn’t settle for. Just because they’re a once-in-a-lifetime person, doesn’t mean they’re a forever person.

Your best friend, that is your forever. That is your gold. That, too, will be a once-in-a-lifetime feat, just in a different form.

by Jasmine P.