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If He Sends You These 6 Messages, Your Relationship Will End Soon

If He Sends You These 6 Messages, Your Relationship Will End Soon

It is normal for every person to change and to go through different phases in their life. Nobody is happy all the time.

Sometimes we are sad. Sometimes we are not in the mood to spend our time with other people.

However, if your boyfriend has not been in the mood lately to talk to you and if your conversations were brief and meaningless, it means something serious is going on.

Every girl notices those changes in the behavior of her boyfriend. Every girl notices when a guy starts behaving a bit differently than he used to.

He stops asking her out. He stops being gentle. He stops showing affection. And this becomes a problem for the girl. She will be confused and worried.

Every relationship goes through crises, but that does not mean that one should give up on it any time something bad happens.

It is very important to notice the first red flags that imply that the relationship is coming to an end.

That way you can try to do something to save your relationship.

Here are some of the text messages that your boyfriend will send if he has been thinking about a breakup for a while.

Learn to spot them in time!

1. We need to talk!

Your boyfriend has been telling you that you need to have a serious conversation, but he always avoids it.

You feel like he has something important to tell you, but he just never seems to have the courage to say anything.

You are filled with fears and doubts. You think you have done something wrong, and you question yourself.

While he is delaying your conversation, he is actually considering whether he should break up with you or not.

He is thinking of all the advantages and disadvantages of breaking up with you.

2. I will be late tonight. Don’t wait up!

If guy sends this text, it is a very bad sign. These kinds of text messages are sent by those men who cheat on their women.

If a guy tells you he will be late, then there is a big possibility he is cheating on you.

When a girl gets this message from her boyfriend, she becomes heartbroken because she knows it is a matter of time until her boyfriend will officially replace her with another girl.

3. I need some time! I am confused!

Hmm. Confused about what?

In a relationship where both partners love each other, there is no confusion. There are hardships, of course. But there are no confusions.

If he truly loves you, he will make an effort to understand you and the circumstances that caused the crisis in your relationship.

4. I am very tired! Let’s postpone our night out for another time!

If your boyfriend sends you this text message a couple of times, there is no need to worry. However, if he keeps on cancelling your dates, then there must be a reason for it.

The top reason is that he just doesn’t want to spend time with you. The excitement of going out with you has faded away.

Your boyfriend probably got bored with your monotonous routine.

By cancelling your nights out, he may hope that you will be the one who will realize that the relationship is not working out anymore.

He wants you to break up with him and spare him the trouble.

5. Whatever!

If a guy is indifferent with what you’re saying then he has no love for you.

I mean, the guy does not need to be amazed by everything you say, but if he doesn’t listen to you when you are talking about your relationship, then he doesn’t care about it.

6. No reply

No reply is also a reply. If your boyfriend does not reply to your messages, it means that he has no time for you.

How can someone not have time for a person they love?


Well, apparently, he feels like he doesn’t love you the way he used to. But don’t worry! All these problems can be solved.

You just need to remind your man of the good old times you used to have. It’s just a phase you are going through right now.

Sit down, talk sincerely with each other, and try to address the real issues in your relationship!

With a bit of effort, love, and support, you can put that old spark back in no time.