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Your Toxic Love Taught Her How To Leave

Your Toxic Love Taught Her How To Leave

I know you thought this girl didn’t have it in her. That she wasn’t brave and courageous enough.

That she’d never have the guts to do the right thing.

I know you were convinced that she’d always love you more than she could love herself. That you’d forever remain her priority, no matter what you did.

Let’s face it—you could bet your life on the fact that this girl would forever remain by your side.

That she’d never say her final goodbye, and that all of her threats of leaving you were empty.

To be honest, she kept warning you that one of these days, you’d force her to stop caring about you.

That one of your moves will be the last straw and that shedl send you to hell.

So, why do you act so surprised now when she’s fulfilled her promises?

Why do you have trouble believing that this girl walked away on you and that she doesn’t plan on coming back?

Your Toxic Love Taught Her How To Leave

Yes, you assumed that you could have her whenever you wanted and treat her however you wanted.

That you could come crawling back into her life whenever you felt like it and that she’d be right there where you left her, patiently waiting for you.

That she’d never grow tired of all the second chances. That she’d never have enough of empty excuses and false promises.

I know you thought there was nothing you could do to make this girl stop loving you.

That you could keep on breaking your heart for as long as you wanted and that nothing would ever chase her away from you.

I guess you were wrong because she did leave, didn’t she?

She walked away and left you wondering what happened. What changed in her? What gave her the strength to leave your sorry ass in the past?

How did she dare to break your heart? How could she have the decency to give you a taste of your own medicine?

When did she become so ruthless? Where did the good-hearted, forgiving girl who loved you so much disappear to?

Well, let me tell you what happenedyou happened. You killed the girl she used to be when you crushed her heart for a thousand times in a row.

You destroyed that girl when you damaged her beyond repair. And you’re the one who created the strong woman she’s become.

You are the one who taught her to only look after herself.

The one who taught her never to put anyone’s needs in front of her own and the one who showed her that the ones who love themselves the most go smoothly through life.

For years, you kept showing her that she was a fool for believing in unconditional love and that she was stupid for expecting others to be just like her.

That she needed to take care of herself and think of her own good.

You kept convincing her that all of her efforts to make you a better man were in vain. That people don’t change and that she’d never manage to save you.

So, after all those years, she finally gave up on you. No, don’t be surprised because you are the one who made her do it.

After all, you’re the one who kept teaching her the art of departures.

The one who showed her how to abandon someone, without ever thinking about the consequences.

How to walk away without ever looking back and how to leave all of your emotional baggage behind.

Most importantly, you taught her how to pull yourself out of a situation completely unharmed.

Your toxic love taught her how to leave, and she’ll be forever grateful for that.

So, I guess that the student got better than the teacher. This girl beat you at your own game, and that is something you should congratulate her on.

Besides, at the end of the day, you’re the one who lost much more.

The truth is you’re the worst thing that ever happened to her, but at the same time, you brought her some good.

You helped her learn these valuable life lessons she’ll never forget, and you helped her discover the inner strength she never suspected herself of having.

Your Toxic Love Taught Her How To Leave