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You’re Allowed To Walk Away

You’re Allowed To Walk Away

“You can never leave a place unless you leave that place in your mind!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

Remember that it’s your life that you are living. Remember you have the first and final word—no one has the right to meddle with your thoughts and actions.

No one has the right to hold all the strings of your life.

You are allowed to leave everything only to rediscover your life’s purpose. Maybe you’ve forgotten what your direction is—your plan for the future.

Something distracted you and you’ve lost your way. Don’t be afraid to break loose from everything that’s holding you back and find your old self, again.

You are allowed to chase your happiness because you deserve to be happy. You are allowed to find a reason to get up in the morning and look forward to spending the rest of the day relaxed and satisfied.

You are allowed to get rid of all the toxic people in your life. I know it’s not easy to cut off someone, but if those people are only making your life miserable, then it has to end.

Find the strength to say: “It’s enough!” Show them and show everyone that you are in charge now and you won’t permit anyone ‘bullying’ you.

You are allowed to let go of the past. The one thing that we all do wrong and that is only pulling us down is being stuck in the past.

Why is that we all cling on to something that happened a long time ago? Are we afraid of the unknown—of the future?

You have to allow yourself to keep on living and most importantly, you need to just let go. Forget about all the mistakes you made in the past because those things don’t define you.

The only thing that defines you is the process of accepting you were wrong and growing from that point on. Remember that your past is also a part of who you are, but it doesn’t conduct your life.

Use your past experiences and learn from your mistakes. Only then will you be able to grow even further into a stronger and more independent person.

You are allowed to leave your traumas and injustices that were done to you.

You are allowed to bury them deep in the darkest corners of your mind, but you are not allowed to forget them.

Keep those bad memories always around somewhere, to remind yourself what you’ve been through, and to never let them happen again.

I know you will never leave the pain—it’s impossible. The pain may fade out a bit in time, but it will never be gone. Use that pain to make yourself the best version you can be.

Use it in a positive way, because in the end, it’s all up to you. If you decide you’re going to hurt and cry—you will.

But, if you decide you’re going to come out even stronger than you were—you will.

You leaving is not you giving up—it’s just you getting a nice, clean start—a second chance which we all deserve.

Remember that you do have a set of ‘balls’ and that you can make anything you like happen. Remember that courage is crouching somewhere inside you, ready to be unleashed.

You are the one who has to give the permission—and you will. It’s the matter of time.

Remember that if you leave, you’ll start off your life clean. You’ll get new opportunities and new perspectives. You will be happy—just find the strength to leave if you want and have to.

But, if you want to leave because you want to run away, remember that you can never run away from yourself.

Allow yourself to leave behind the old version of yourself so you don’t have to run.

Just don’t be afraid to do it!