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You’re NOT Too Broken For A Happy Relationship And This Is Why

You’re NOT Too Broken For A Happy Relationship And This Is Why

I know you sometimes feel like there’s no man that’s right for you. Especially not after everything you’ve been through. All the circumstances have made your love life complex, to say the least.

Sometimes you even ask yourself how you’ll explain everything that has happened to you to the next person that comes into your life and you feel hopeless.

With all the pain that almost left you feeling numb and all your dreams of living a happy and fulfilled life ruined, a happy relationship seems impossible.

There’s nothing left but disappointment. Disappointment in yourself, others, and love. It feels like everyone’s figured out their life but you.

Everyone seems to know what they’re doing and they look so happy and content. It’s almost like you’re not meant to have anything easy.

Every single thing you do in life becomes a struggle, one way or another. Sometimes you just want to give up under the pressure of all the things you ‘’should’’ and ‘’could’’ do.

I know how you feel and that’s why I need you to read this:

You’re NOT broken. You’re not beyond repair. You’re not behind everyone else and all the tough things that have happened to you are not your fault.

You’re simply a human being who has experienced more than others. There’s a reason all these things have happened to you and you can’t see it right now.

Think about your past and everything you thought was a disaster until it turned out to be a good thing. That’s what’s happening to you right now.

You have to regain your own power again. You have to break the chains of self-illusion that tell you you’re not enough and that you can’t change your life. You can!

You can change your life by removing all the useless pressure on your back.

The pressure of what others think of you, the pressure of being the best at everything you do, the pressure of being the perfect woman, and every other pressure that makes you so insecure.

Allow yourself to listen to your own needs. What do you want? What do you need?

Be honest with yourself; set a goal and work on it.

What is stopping you from having the life you want? A job, your looks, your personality flaws?

Everything is manageable if you want it to be. You have the power to change yourself, in fact, that’s the only real power you have.

Don’t let it go to waste. Use it for your own good.

To attract the man of your dreams you need to be the woman of your dreams. Indulge in everything that makes you beautiful to you.

Better yourself on the inside as well as the outside. The two are connected.

It’s not about being superficial, it’s about caring for what’s given to you. It’s about protecting the precious things about yourself.

How can you expect someone else to see your true beauty if you keep hiding it under a veil of insecurities?

Insecurities are what kills all that is beautiful.

Trust me, life’s too short for that. At the end of the day, we’re not here for long. Embrace all the things life gives you and use them as lessons.

You can always choose to see good in other people and most importantly – good in yourself. That’s how you will learn to live authentically.

The most irresistible thing about a person is their authenticity.

Why? Because it means that they are in full accordance with themselves, they accept themselves fully, and can see the beauty in everything.

Nothing can move you once you’re at peace with yourself. The relationship you want is waiting for you to love yourself so you can truly experience it.

A happy relationship needs a happy woman. And that’s you.