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You’ve Got To Love Her On Her Bad Days As Well As Her Good Ones

You’ve Got To Love Her On Her Bad Days As Well As Her Good Ones

Love her when she wakes up and the first thing she does is check if you’re up, by kissing you gently on the lips and making sure that now you are.

Love her when she’s having a good day and there’s nothing that can bring her down.

When she’s singing along to her favorite jams, dancing awkwardly (but adorably) and making funny faces, inviting you to join her.

Love her when you’re driving along the highway at night-time, coming back from an unforgettable road trip, and she’s desperately trying to stay up to keep you company while you’re driving but her eyes are slowly giving in… and you realize how much you adore that person right there.

Love her when she achieves something amazing.

When you know how hard she worked and how many hurdles she had to overcome, and finally, the labor of her hard work and dedication has paid off and she is over the moon and jumping for joy.

Love her when she is lying in bed next to you, with her legs wrapped around you, her hair all messy and with no make-up on.

When she is raw and vulnerable but more than comfortable being her genuine self while holding you tightly.

Love her on the nights out where you’re having so much fun, almost peeing from laughter, enjoying each other’s company like two best buddies, often unable to speak from laughing too much, and then coming home and just looking at each other like only two people in love know how.

But also know that love is more than loving your person when they’re making it all seem so easy and effortless.

Love is more than loving them on their good days when they are easy to be around.

More than ever, you need to love her when she’s going through a funk. When she doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and doesn’t see any point in going about her day.

When she feels like she’s been hit by a train which has left her immobile and without the motivation to get herself in order.

When her mood is nowhere near her usual perky self and she’s taking it out on you.

You need to love her when anxiety gets the best of her and she’s insecure about herself.

Understand that this is something she can’t control but also needs to get out of her system in order to get better.

Don’t retaliate when she starts a fight for no reason. Let her get it all out and drain the negativity from inside her mind by yelling at you for a little while.

You can take It, knowing that she’s going to apologize in a few days when she’s okay again.

She doesn’t like this side of herself any more than you do. Always keep that in mind.

But sometimes it’s going to get the best of her and she’s not going to handle it right. And that’s okay. We all have our crappy days.

Let her have hers and before you know it, you’re going to be back on track.

Love her when she’s out wasted with her girlfriends and calling you to pick her up because she can’t even stand. Don’t lecture her.

She needed this night out to let off some steam and forget about the shit that’s actually making her this anxious.

Love her enough to know that when she tells you to back off and leave her alone, she doesn’t really mean it.

Give her space, give her a little time to get herself out of this funk.

She needs to figure out what’s making her this miserable and when she does, she’s going to be okay again and you’re going to be glad you were there by her side.

When you see her struggling to love herself, love her double the amount. Never let her be too hard on herself because you know how amazing, kind and loving this woman really is.

Just because she is unable to see it right now doesn’t mean you should forget about it too. This is when you love her and support her more than ever.

She is tired of feeling this way, too. She needs your strength and understanding that she is not perfect. She is not without flaws and she doesn’t want to be.

She is merely a human who is susceptible to error and she is doing her best.

After all, that is the girl you fell in love with. Now be there for her in all of her imperfections, just like she is for you.

Love her, hold her and don’t expect what she can’t give you. When needed, give her the benefit of the doubt.

She is sick and tired of trying to be perfect for everyone, let her be her imperfect self with you.