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Zodiac Signs: Expectation vs. Reality (Let’s Be Realistic)

Zodiac Signs: Expectation vs. Reality (Let’s Be Realistic)

People often hear only what they want to hear.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to make them aware there’s two sides to everything.

Here’s a list of the things that you might find uncomfortable but that are nevertheless true (and funny).


Aries are said to be courageous, determined, strong willed, and honest. While that might be true, it might also just be a stereotype they’re trying to live up to.

Unfortunately, courage is sometimes just impulsiveness and determination can be stubbornness.

A strong will can be the inability to consider the opinions of others and honesty might be nothing more than good old short temperedness and aggressiveness.

I’m sorry Aries, but we’re being realistic here.


Taurus is supposedly loyal. Responsible, stable, patient. Everyone agrees. But have you ever asked yourself what could be hiding behind those words?

Maybe it’s not nice to hear, but loyal can sometimes turn out to be not very far from possessive and stable might actually mean fear of risk taking. And patient? Try lazy!

Dear Taurus, we still love you no matter what.


Curious and adaptable, Geminis are one of the smartest and funniest signs of zodiac. They learn quickly and they are versatile.

But could it be that their adaptability is just due to their lack of direction?

And their outgoing and chatty personality is ruled by underlying anxiousness?

That may sound contradictory but it’s easier to understand when you know they like to be with people but can’t control their rapid thoughts.


Cancers are all about emotions and sympathy.

They love their safety and they are loyal to their loved ones.
However, they often tend to get overwhelmed and become moody and pessimistic.

That can lead to being manipulative too. And don’t you dare say something bad about their moms.

We’re just warning you.


There’s no arguing that Leos are natural born leaders. They’re optimistic, creative, and protective.

Everybody has heard about Leos. And what they might have heard isn’t always the best.

It’s no secret Leos love attention. They can be attention seeking and domineering.

Apart from that, they can be arrogant and hard to talk to.

Dear Leos, don’t get too caught up in your pride.


Virgos are seen as analytical, practical, and hardworking. That’s true.

They like order in everything. Sometimes, though, that can be too much for some people.

They get too critical about others and themselves. Their mind can get too obsessive over details.

They can’t relax and enjoy the small things in life because they’re always thinking about what else there is to do.

Tell the Virgo in your life to stop and smell the roses.


Diplomatic, charming, and social, Libra is one of the most versatile signs of the zodiac. Libras are loved by many and for a good reason.

But playing fair and understanding everyone has its downsides.

It sometimes makes them prone to avoiding confrontation and feeling self-pity. And that’s not healthy. It can even lead to being unreliable and superficial.

And that’s so unlike fair and justice loving Libra.


Often, Scorpios are described as deep, focused, and passionate. Serious and mysterious.

That’s alright, but in reality they can sometimes come across as obsessive and kind of weird.

Not knowing how to make small talk or be the life of the party, they often feel awkward in a crowd.

It’s okay Scorpios. Just stop staring at people intensely.


Sagittarius is considered to be one of the luckiest zodiac signs because they are ruled by Jupiter. They have broad views and are open to trying new things.

All of that sounds idyllic.

The less impressive side of this zodiac sign is their carelessness and unnecessary brutal honesty and radical views on life.

They can hurt people easily and for what? Attention and proving themselves.


Ambitious and hardworking, Capricorn is one of the most respected signs. They are genuine and committed; down-to-earth and serious.

But what happens when they get critical and too serious? They become suspicious and hard to work with. It’s not easy for them to just let things go.

They can hold grudges and try to crush you with pressure.

Dear Capricorns, sometimes it’s best to just let go and have a little faith.


These free-spirited intellectuals like to enjoy the unusual things in life. Aquarians love to explore, dive into mysteries and investigate the things that benefit society.

What they don’t like is not being right, for example. Or showing their emotions too often.

They can be seen as cold and unsympathetic. And due to their lack of communication, caused by hiding their emotions and their preference for being alone, they can be quite unpredictable.


Pisces are arguably one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People tend to describe them as sweet, dreamy, artistic, and emotional.

And don’t get me wrong, they’re right, but what they fail to notice is how passive-aggressive they can be.

It’s their main defense mechanism. They can also be somewhat delusional and insist on something they think is true.
Even when it’s not.