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Zodiac Signs Ranked From ‘Die For Love’ To ‘Die Alone’

Zodiac Signs Ranked From ‘Die For Love’ To ‘Die Alone’

1. Cancer

As the most romantic and the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, you absolutely deserve to be on the top of this list.

You live for love and if there is no one in your life to share everything with you, then your life is not worth living.

When you’re in a relationship, you give yourself wholly.

People who don’t understand you will call you possessive and clingy, but people who know you will know you do it because you love hard.

2. Taurus

Even though people don’t get the impression that you’re a love type of a person, you are. You’re not scared of commitment.

In fact, when you fall in love, that person is the only one for you for the rest of your life.

You have a taste for nice things in life and you want to be able to afford anything you like, but that’s not enough if you don’t have a person by your side to share everything with.

3. Libra

Balance. This is what you strive for in life. But not only in life, you also want balance in your love life, too.

This isn’t such a shock to people who know you because they get what you’re like.

So, you’re looking for the person who will add more value to your balance. You’re looking for someone to complete the picture.

You’re running away from conflict situations, but if your love life is at stake, you stand brave until you get what you want. Respect!

4. Pisces

As one of the most romantic zodiac signs, you deserve a spot in the top 5. Your ideal person and ideal relationship is something you’re constantly dreaming about.

I bet if someone asks you what it all will look like, you would describe everything in detail.

Even though deep down you know that nothing is perfect, you’ll do anything to make it so. You’re not a quitter, especially when it comes to love.


5. Aries

Okay, your biggest problem is not falling in love, it’s getting bored of the person you fell in love with.

That’s why everyone looks at you as a player, a person who changes partners too quickly.

The catch is, if you’re really going to fall for someone and swear your eternal love for them, you’re really going to mean it, but who knows what will happen in a month.

You really like the idea of love and it makes you excited. You would give your life to the person you’re in love with.

You just have to make sure you don’t get bored.

6. Leo

Most people see you as an independent badass, but what they don’t know is that you’re a softy on the inside.

It’s true that you want to be independent and make your own choices, but your life wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have anyone to share it with.

So, everyone who thinks you’re not the relationship type couldn’t be more wrong about you.

You won’t tolerate anyone bossing you around, but you won’t mind having a person by your side to share in your success.

7. Gemini

You are all over the place. You’re very outgoing and social, but your mood changes from one day to another.

So, sometimes, you’d do anything for love, but sometimes you have a feeling like love is holding you down – you want to feel free to run around without anyone holding you back.

Your biggest problem is that you don’t know what you want. Do you want love or you want to be left alone?

8. Virgo

Your perfectionist side is what is holding you back from finding love. On your good days, you think that no one is good enough to be with you.

On your bad and insecure days, you think you’re not good enough for anyone.

You know you are kind of a pain in the ass, so you’re not even hoping to find someone who is good enough to fulfill all your crazy high standards.

You are aware of the fact that there is no such person in this world who is able to satisfy each and every one of your demands.

9. Scorpio

You are a bit skeptical when it comes to love because you are aware of who you are and how you act.

You don’t trust people – heck, sometimes you don’t even trust yourself.

So, you’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that you’re never going to find a person who will love you – not because they don’t want to, but because you have trust issues.

If by any chance someone shows up who will love you no matter what, you’ll easily get entangled in that web, but you’ll never go out and look for a relationship.

The risk of getting hurt is too high for you.

10. Capricorn

Relationships are not your priority.

Don’t get me wrong, you enjoy every kind of partnership, but there is one thing that is always bothering you – will the person you’re with be able to keep up with you?

You’ve got used to dealing and conquering every aspect of your life alone.

That is the best way you know how. Relying on someone is a choice you won’t make that easily.

You see, your time is too valuable to spend it on trying to find true love. If it happens in the meantime, it happens.

The important thing to you is that you manage to complete everything else in your life.

11. Sagittarius

You don’t find love to be that important in your life. You are a restless spirit and one place can’t hold you down.

Everyone who knows you sees that side of you clearly. Life has so much to offer and you want a taste of everything you see.

Why spend all that time to find love?

Life is too short to waste it on dreaming. You’d rather take action and see what you want to see.

Besides, you don’t mind spending your free time with your friends or alone because it only increases the chance of another adventure.


12. Aquarius

Chasing love and relationships is a complete waste of time. You have so many better things to do in your life.

That doesn’t make you a cold person, it’s just that you want to direct your energy into making the world a better place for everyone to live in.

You want to be able to do whatever you like without anyone holding you down.

You’re aiming so much higher than love in life and if that means spending the rest of your life alone, you won’t have a problem with it.