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Zodiac Signs That Are Shy But Actually the Strongest Deep Inside

Zodiac Signs That Are Shy But Actually the Strongest Deep Inside

Not all zodiac signs are social butterflies. There are zodiac signs that are shy.

Some of them are reserved and quiet but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to offer. On the contrary, it’s WHY they have a lot to offer.

Introverted people are usually full of surprises because they tend to be very good observers.

That means they notice a lot of things other people don’t and can use that knowledge to their advantage.

Shyness doesn’t imply weakness. It just means that person is not comfortable sharing too much of themselves at a given moment.

However, if someone crosses their boundaries, they’re ready to fight back.

That’s when they show their tough side (which they most definitely have), even though they don’t prefer to.

If you’re interested to know who are the shyest but most intriguing signs of the zodiac and what makes them that way, here’s the list you were looking for.


“My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.” ― Dejan Stojanovic

Cancer. The horoscope’s kings and queens of shyness.

Cancers are like crabs. They like to be safe under their shell and run away fast when they feel like they’re in danger.

In case you’ve never seen a crab moving, I’ll just tell you they move sideways. Sometimes they look like they want to sneakily leave whatever place they are at, much like Cancers.

This sign doesn’t like crowds, they don’t like public speaking, they don’t like making phone calls and they don’t like meeting new people.

For most people, these things aren’t something they think about but for Cancers, it’s sometimes a big deal.

They’re very private and like to keep to themselves. They’re ruled by the Moon (and it’s also their corresponding tarot card) and the Moon is a very secretive satellite.

The Moon is everything hidden, concealed, mysterious, unclear and quiet and sometimes it’s even deceitful. It also governs emotions and the subconscious.

Cancers are very sensitive and emotional for the same reason and this explains why they’re not a fan of crowds.

They can feel other people’s energy intensely because of their natural empathic traits.

Sometimes, that’s what overwhelms them and why they may appear ‘down’ or shy in social situations.

This is why they rather prefer quiet and cozy nights with Netflix on and their favorite person by their side.

They are cardinal water signs which means they have initiatory energy but they’re also part dreamer and a homebody, which sometimes makes them passive because they want so much but can’t get themselves to do it.

They can suffer from insecurities if they’re unbalanced and that’s another reason why they’re shy.

However, when they’re around people they truly like and feel safe with (which is very important to them), they become really excited.

Cancer is VERY protective of their loved ones and the people they feel need protection. That’s when they don’t make any compromises but fight back or even start a fight first.

The people they love are the number one thing in their life and that’s the most beautiful and occasionally the most terrifying thing about them.


“Deep rivers run quiet.” ― Haruki Murakami

Virgo is the only earth sign among water signs in this small list. The other two earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, are known for their confidence.

I wouldn’t say that Virgo isn’t confident, I’d rather say that their quietness and introversion come from their introspection.

They’re perfectionists and that means that they think about lots of stuff simultaneously. This often makes them a little bit judgy, according to other people.

However, the truth is they just expect the same quality they give to others.

They often overthink to the point where they decide not to say anything. This is due to their fear of making a mistake.

Unlike water signs who express their emotions with ease, this sun sign doesn’t really know when or how to open up.

They understand things in a practical manner and that’s why they’re sometimes confused about things they cannot put into words (being a Mercury-ruled earth sign).

People often see them as wallflowers, reserved and smart people who keep to themselves.

Nevertheless, Virgos are actually badasses inside, because they have so much knowledge and resilience in them and they are never talked about in the right way.

Virgo has an unmatched amount of patience which only extremely mentally strong people can have.

That’s why it’s also important NOT to test their patience because once they feel disrespected, they are done with you and you don’t want to have Virgo as your enemy.

Zodiac signs that are shy may be patient but when their goodwill is abused, they will not just walk away and pretend nothing happened.


“The mind speaks louder than the voice.” ― Erin Forbes

Pisces is one of the shy zodiac signs too and this probably doesn’t come as a surprise. All water signs are somewhat shy but Scorpio is different because of its Mars rulership.

Pisces is ruled by dreamy Neptune and their home is the 12th house. This alone gives off a lot of cues as for why they’re so shy.

Neptunian personality traits are very dreamy, soft and fragile… They make a person seem like they’re not from this world.

The 12th house is the house of sleep, death, monasteries, prisons and isolated spaces in general.

That’s why it’s not hard to understand why this sign has a hard time trying to be the life of the party.

They’re naturally introverts and shy people. They like people but they just don’t seem to fit in with most of them.

However, because of their uniqueness, people love them. They love their authenticity and a dash of something otherworldly they bring into ordinary life.

This sensitive sign is most susceptible to energies around them because their home is the 12th house (as mentioned above, death, as well as other realms, dreams, subconscious communication, ghosts and more).

Their introversion combined with imagination sometimes makes it hard for them to distinguish fantasy from reality. However, sometimes it makes brilliant artists.

A healthy Pisces has a lot of power because they can tap into their authenticity and true creativity more easily than other signs and that’s what makes them untouchable.

When they’re on their path, nothing can stop them or convince them that what they do isn’t enough.

When they find something they believe in with their whole heart, you can bet they can start a revolution.

This is also why there are so many spiritual leaders and gurus who are Pisces.

The zodiac signs that act tough but are actually softies

Aside from what we know as sensitive zodiac signs, there are signs that are considered cool and tough bad boys and girls of the zodiac.

Of course, the same as with zodiac signs that are shy and actually tough inside, we have tough signs with a secret sensitive side to them.


Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” ― Brené Brown

First on the list is Aries. Aries is the child of the zodiac, full of energy, wonder and ambition.

Aries is the type of person who initiates a conversation in meetups or meetings.

They’re always ready to step outside of their comfort zone, sometimes even to the point where it becomes too much.

A regular Aries is an extrovert who likes to be in the presence of different people. They’re not elitists. They love to widen their horizons and see what they can learn from every person.

Nevertheless, they’re sometimes too reckless and hotheaded.

Sometimes they have overly intense reactions to things that don’t deserve that kind of response but this is understandable considering they have raw, electric energy.

As the metaphorical baby of the zodiac, they reflect some of an infant’s traits. For example, they often don’t know how to control emotions.

In short, no matter how cool they look, they’re actually extremely emotional underneath.

However, they’re also ready to move on quickly, in a very Aries manner.


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” ― Maya Angelou

Scorpio is the most notorious sign of the zodiac. They are intense, seductive and allegedly dangerous. I say allegedly because in my experience, a lot of those rumors fall flat.

If you go on a first date with a Scorpio, it might be intimidating but after some time, you’ll quickly notice that they’re actually very sensitive and kind people.

They just want to know too much too quickly and they’re primarily interested in things that most people consider too personal.

That’s just how they are. After all, they’re water signs and they MUST be emotional and long for depth.

The thing that explains Scorpio and their ‘dangerous’ stereotype is that they’re actually resilient; that’s what brings about the ‘dangerous’ vibe about them.

They fall and they get up. They burn and then they are born again. Throw anything you want at them and they’ll find a way to manage.

They’re often best friends with other water signs.

Their compatibility is great because they’re the ones who understand them well, they understand their deep emotions and sensitivity without the need for them to explain themselves.

Scorpio can look intimidating but they’re actually the sweetest once you get close to them. They’re the kind of person who would do anything to cheer you up or make you feel safe.


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” ― Brené Brown

The Leo zodiac sign likes to be in the center of attention. They love to appear cool and have things under control.

Even though they don’t necessarily hide that they’re affectionate, they like it when people work a little harder to get their attention.

This can sometimes send out the wrong message and make them look arrogant or vain.

They do seek attention but that doesn’t always have to be wrong; it all depends on the way they do it.

In their heart, they care about other people deeply and they care about what people think of them even when they act larger than life.

Leos are very generous people who just need to put a little extra work into calming their ego.

After all, Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun is all about authority, self-expression, dominance and self-righteousness.

That sounds and is bold. However, their native 5th house tells us that they’re also playful and creative.

The 5th house is the house of creativity, the house of entertainment and children. All of those things imply feelings and sensitivity.

There’s no great entertainer without true empathy. This is how we know they’re actually sensitive beneath all their pride.


I hope this article helped you learn a little bit more about your favorite sign than you would normally learn in your daily horoscope.

The one thing you probably noticed is that there are no air signs among the above-mentioned signs.

Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) are pretty neutral when it comes to this subject because they’re blessed with good communication skills and a great interest in everything that surrounds them.

This gives them a good foundation for interaction with other people and they’re rarely shy.

They’re definitely not the most emotional signs either and they avoid any kind of conflict. For example, Aquarians can appear shy because they’re quiet but they’re not actually.

They’re very opinionated and sometimes ruthless with their words.

They’re more observant and analytical and therefore quiet and seemingly shy. However, if you know them, you’ll know they’re definitely not shy.

The Venus-ruled Libra is too much of a mediator and sociable to fit the shy or tough narrative while Sagittarius is anything but shy but definitely doesn’t care to appear tough either.

The Capricorns are out of the picture too, thanks to their confidence and dominant personality.

To end this fun observation, I just want to remind you once again that the zodiac signs that are shy are way cooler than they think they are.

If you’re one of them, you’re lucky. There’s a lot of beauty in suppression and having a rich internal world and it is not any less important than expressions.

Being shy isn’t something to be worried about, it’s just part of your complex and beautiful personality and it’s what makes you you.